Monday, July 15, 2019


Today as i started to blog again, i have my second child ( Tristan) taking his nap at the back of me.

If you recon the little one behind me, now i can blog in peace

i will just start with my Dot Journaling as i have lost my words on constructing a beautiful sentence like a real blogger.

  • With the expansion of our business plan and rustic team, i have become the real "Jack of all trade; master of none" - however of course with this i am sharpening my skill into "Jack of All trade;  Master of ONE". So how do i split my time? Juggling between work, exercise and as a mom. Dot Journaling does help a lot and with the support of good manpower, i am blessed with moving ahead.                                                                                                                                  
  • Many has happened - some good and some bad,as we are trying to maintain ourselves into a truly innovative company, many hiccups and joy rider in between. We have staff working under us but silo-ing our job to his own company; staff who over comfortable and start building sub culture inside the business. I had gotten used to people rolling their eyes at one another when i spoke, thinking that i didn't notice, at times i feel alienated within my own company.                    
  • REWRITE -with Dot Journaling , i wish to jot down the daily values of what happened around the business, document it down,and ensure there are the cause and effect of our business model. 

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

What year is it now? Its the Mid of 2016 !

Oh dear,

It such a depression mode today, i couldn't explain how this holiday has remind me of my writing and blogging days.

Having my 18 months daughter and expecting my second in 2 more months, nothing else i can plan ahead but to be a good mom for two little chipmunks whose gonna cling on me for the next 18 years.

Only God could give me the strength to keep my sanity and keep myself motivated as a mother and an entrepreneur as Jack Mah - The owner of said..

At 20s - work for somebody, a boss that could lead you and be your mentor
At 30s- Work and strengthen you field as this is the time you should be able to start something you are good at

At late 30s- start you own and learn from your previous experience, never jump into other new field and this is when you can start develop your own empire

At 40s- never look back

At 50s- you should be able to relax and employ young people who could work for you because they are better and more productive then you are

At 60s- enjoy you veteran hood and be by the beach - Relax and chilled.

Just a little booster over the long holiday..

31st May 2016


Monday, March 17, 2014


     很谢谢你这三个月来为RUSTICBORNEO默默的协助和配合,真的委屈了你,为了我们一个小小的公司,你得受约束,而时常给我这个姐姐 老板娘责骂,希望我所指点的一切,你都能铭记在脑海里,因为我所指点的一切,是给你在外工作也好、自己做生意也好,一个很重大的人生原则。


    在这短短的三个月里,我有几句positive comment,是完全对你的品格(身为我弟弟的)一个提升自己的大章碍,希望你看了能够“改变”;告别腐败!

   1)爱自己,别人才能爱你(Remember Law of Attraction)
Joe,是一个很好的榜样,他谦虚,并没有对“钱”有贪的心念,打从RUSTIC BORNEO 只有桌子INTERNET,他从不对任何SUPPLIER/AGENT 有自己的一套,也从不把公司成册搞乱,换句话说~他的刻苦和勤劳,换来了所有所有“higher level management 的respect,敬佩”是上司愿意和他平起平坐。
他爱自己,爱他的工作,也努力的进修( communication, photographying etc),他有今天的成就,我佩服,我也为他开心,因为我和他有了一份友谊的爱。

    2)尊敬他人;他人才会尊敬你 (投我以桃,报之于李)

你是一个senior staff, 你会叫hazel合wendy和我说bye boss,那你对我说话的语气,上班时间随意进出桌位,这一切都会给JUNIOR 一个不好的榜样。当然,我希望你不要把这些COMMENT 放在心里,而要好好学习,上班的规矩,应为,全世界各地的机构,公司,都会有他的规则。

    3) 觉发自己的潜能,专注,好好进修,水月不留人
在这短短的三个月里姐姐也知道你学了不少人士知识(一切好与不好)的一面。如果你要去中国,欧洲,世界哪一个角落,度假也好,做工也好,希望你有一个目标!应为岁月不留人,可能你在打江山的时候,爸妈可没那么多机会再和你度过岁月。希望你能够给爸妈一份安心,也给“你的爱人,及你所爱的人一个依靠 ”。

“人”是一个很奇怪的创始,没钱-就说要赚钱,有钱时就想东(ˇˍˇ) 想~西,人不是永远风光的,有的时候尽量谦虚,节俭,筹备以后“缘分”来时,好好的珍惜。

你要去中国,当然姐姐100%赞成,不过,跨国并不简单,跑完以后,现实的生活还是在等着,还是要干活!就好像外国人所说的"Turning Passion Into Action",把你爱的一切“行动”去实现它。姐姐一定支持你!



Hatred does not cease by hatred;but only LOVE;
this is the eternal rule



Sunday, September 08, 2013

Meeting the new family in Denmark- A new chapter begin

It was indeed a big step i have made to devote myself and dedicate almost all my attention ( for now) to this Danish viking i have met throughout my journey of self discovery. No doubt i am , and still a hipe and busy as ever Borneon girl ; but things must have happened for a reason and God must have planned this century ago.

Danish, generally are modest, punctual and above all, "equality" is an important aspects in their Danish way of life.Indeed, any deliberate attempt to distinguish oneself from the others may be viewed as disrespect or ironic autoconcept. "RESPECT" seems to be an unofficial code of Conduct in Scandinavia Way. 

My family in Denmark 
My family in Denmark consist of a big family of direct and extended family. Since separation or "divorce" is a common practice here. I am truly amaze that one can still be gentle, friendly and meeting each other as a family although they are officially divorce. I somehow encountered a culture shock, but after meeting a few couple in the same scenario, i guess this is just how "open heart" Scandinavians' are.

Hanne & Eva, the rock sisters- mother and aunt of Peter ( my husband) 
The younger generation at Copenhagen , from left, me and Peter, Camilla & Frederick ( with Alberte their daughter), Jacob & Katja ( with their kids Alfred and Viola )  
Meeting Peter's dad @ Tivoli Garden 

Hygge - Pronounce as "hyu-ge" (approximately sounds like that
This word generally represents the culture of Danish . It means relaxing with families or love ones.Often while enjoying good food and something to drink or creating a more cozy atmosphere by lighting up candles around house.The true moment of hygge can last till late midnight as drinking wine and beer is one of the tradition on a long summer evening.
With Henrik & Ejeerah - a great couple and  good old friend of Peter. 
At Ruby & Tem's house for big meal  .. notice the blue and white bottle of liquor in front of me( i remember knock out after a few shots of that )

Typical long pork sausage and grilled/steamed potato .. is a common dish for dinner or long lunch

Open Sandwich - 
Peter's mom ; Hanne is a very good cook. She used to work as a traditional Danish cook specialized in Open sandwich which is a traditional meal usually begins with marinated herring, smoked eel, crab on top of a rye bread( brown bread). The sandwich are richly garnished with onion rings, orange slices, meatballs (which Viola - my niece favorite snack), cucumber,tomato slices, parsley,remoulade and mustard. neverhteless, these meal is never complete without ice cold Danish liquor- Snaps or Akvavit. 

With all that food and drinks, cheers and joy..and lovely welcomed by the family my in law- i would say SKOL... a big cheers to them, and thank you for hosting me with genuine heart and open arms..

Monday, May 14, 2012

Give a little; Gain a lot

Hola amigo ! Sono manchi tutti ! 

Thank you " BFA Charity Dance Fiesta Participants!"
Photo taken by Melissa Alut Lim @ Likas Sports Complex, Aerobic Hall.  

With the constant change of my location and  task assigned in hand, sometimes i hope that  the "Whassapp" application in my BB allows blogging so i could constantly update the happenings, and keeping everybody in a loop of whats happening over here in Kota Kinabalu, Borneo. I need to learn this on the smartphone anyway.... ; /

"Together we can do great things!" was the tagline that attracts more then 100 participants who came and join "BFA Charity Dance Fiesta" please click HERE for event detail. For only  RM 20 ( Euro 5.00), each participant can dance their way out, with proper "sweatxercise" technique and refreshment upon leaving the fiesta. On top of the healthy sweat out, the priceless value of reaching out to the indigenous woman of Borneo was one of the most encouraging turn out to the participants. Through the open concept Dance Fiesta- BFA has successfully raised RM500 to PACOS Trust - the indigenous woman sector as a token of encouragement and empowering them for a better living. 

The 2 hours dance involve various rhythmic movement ranging from Afro, Hip Zumba,Belly jam, Bangla and modern dance as well as kids hip hop. Arghh... the great work out credits goes to my buddies Mellisa Robert, Nita Maria, Gergianne Lingam as well as Wester the Hip Hoper.These dance movement works on your hip muscle, your buttocks ( gluteus maximus), arms muscle and even belly ( tummy). 

Ouch , this picture was taken when she is at hype, our BFA Principal Yuen 

Me, taking sometimes for a little chat with Anne Lasimbang ( President of Pacos Trust ) 
Wester, leading his Kids HIP HOP team 

The hyper crowd which consist of kids, young and the young at heart. 

Georgianne, giving the crowd a thorough cool down

The Dancing troupe, danced their way out for the goodness of participants and the indigenous of Borneo

PACOS Trust President, Anne Lasimbang, receiving cheque amounting RM500 from Principal of BFA Yuen;
On behalf of the beneficiaries, she extend her heartfelt gratitude for the effort being done by the Sabahan Woman.

As little as we can do as an individual, never forget that "synergy is the best Strategy" and together we can do great things ! Thank you BFA for your great effort ! 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park ( TAR islands of Sabah, North Borneo )

Christmas Day falls on December 25 and is an occasion for Christians to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  In Sabah, many people, even if they are not Christian, give each other gifts, prepare special meals and decorate their homes at this time of year. This is because the Christmas festive falls on the year end school holidays where children enjoy exchanging gifts, setting up wood fire and even decorating Christmas tree.
This Christmas, if you are still contemplating where to  spend your holiday. The isle of islands in Borneo is one of the best options. This near island escapade gives a total opposite feel of winter snow Christmas like Europe; however, these perfects tropical islands provide a memorable vacation island of a lifetime.
Islands of Borneo

TAR Marine Park (Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park)

The TAR islands are easily accessible as they are close to Kota Kinabalu - about 15 to 20 minutes boat ride. You can choose to visit one or more of the islands in a day, or spend a night or two to enjoy the tropical moonlight and even night camp fire with your love ones. TAR Marine parks provide a perfect gateway for family gathering.

Pulau Gaya- One of the largest island at the Park at 140 hectares with 25km of shoreline. For divers, the coral reefs along the entire coast of the island are in excellent condition. There is one tropical resort on this island called the Gayana Island Eco Resort. The untouched coastal Dipterocarp forest is ideal for trekking and studying unique species of plant and animal life.

Pulau Manukan - This 51 acres boomerang shaped tropical Island is the second largest of the TAR Marine Park. Manukan has good stretches of beaches especially on the southern coastline. Ideal for snorkeling, diving and camping. There are also accommodations available with excellent facilities. However, due to the popularity of this particular island, the crowd congestion may be slightly noisy in during the day, making it a similarity like the enchanted island of Bali.

Pulau Mamutik - The smallest of the five tropical islands of the Park covering some 15 acres. Rich coral life surrounds the islands. The island has a jetty, a 3-bedroom rest house for rent and quarters for Rangers on the island. There were also sea sports such as banana boat, canoeing as well as water skiing for rent during the day. Mamutik island also serves as the main off shore station for your scuba dive lesson. Other facilities available include changing rooms, toilets, picnic shelters, tables and barbecue pits. There are also fresh water and electricity in the island.

Pulau Sapi - For a small tropical island of 25 acres, Sapi Island has one of the nicest beaches in the Marine Park. Its clean white sand, crystal clear water and teeming coral reefs fringing the shoreline makes it ideal for swimming, snorkeling and diving. Day use facilities are available at the island such as a jetty, picnic shelters, barbecue pits, tables, changing rooms and toilets. There are also hiking trails available through the interior which can provide an excellent opportunity for you to appreciate nature in its wild habitat. If you are considering a destination for your children, this is the perfect edutainment island for children.

Pulau Sulug - Sulug Island with an area size of 20 acres is the farthest away from Kota Kinabalu. The tropical island is also the least developed. The shoreline is mostly rocky with beautiful patches of coral at the southern end. The island is however, very popular for those island hoppers who prefer the tranquil and untouched tropical beach atmosphere. Plenty of naughty long tailed Macaque welcomes your arrival. So, be careful with their snatch and begging behavior. This is the calmest and most quiet island and it is always the perfect pit stop for divers.

Perfect Escaped for the young, the young at heart, and the old
These islands are easily access, perfect destination not only for open water divers but also non divers. You can opt for the non diver package and just chill in your cozy room. It all depends how you want your Christmas to be, a romantic and quiet mode, or celebrating it with a warmth gathering among family members.  This is because Sabah is blessed being well known as “Land below the Wind”. These islands are well sheltered from the rough waters of the typhoon belt. Choose your desired island according to your holiday theme; make your way to Jesselton Point at Jalan Pantai, your holiday is just a doorstep away!