Monday, July 15, 2019


Today as i started to blog again, i have my second child ( Tristan) taking his nap at the back of me.

If you recon the little one behind me, now i can blog in peace

i will just start with my Dot Journaling as i have lost my words on constructing a beautiful sentence like a real blogger.

  • With the expansion of our business plan and rustic team, i have become the real "Jack of all trade; master of none" - however of course with this i am sharpening my skill into "Jack of All trade;  Master of ONE". So how do i split my time? Juggling between work, exercise and as a mom. Dot Journaling does help a lot and with the support of good manpower, i am blessed with moving ahead.                                                                                                                                  
  • Many has happened - some good and some bad,as we are trying to maintain ourselves into a truly innovative company, many hiccups and joy rider in between. We have staff working under us but silo-ing our job to his own company; staff who over comfortable and start building sub culture inside the business. I had gotten used to people rolling their eyes at one another when i spoke, thinking that i didn't notice, at times i feel alienated within my own company.                    
  • REWRITE -with Dot Journaling , i wish to jot down the daily values of what happened around the business, document it down,and ensure there are the cause and effect of our business model. 

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