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Thursday, September 23, 2004

The Unexpected One.

Today,when the sun shines and i forced to open my eyes , its was already 7 30 am.Thinking back on last nite, was a tiry and hectic day but quite lose in the sence that what actually have i contribute and learn??? :((
Can life get better with my switch of line? So often our life is a trade off between making money , We need to sacrifice of the flexibility and time we want, in order to make our life into fullest.

Datuk was so tension today, he shouted to every one and told every body off. I knew he is very persistant in his business, and his karma... when he look it you, its like he is going to shout to you and when u silent he will thinks that your brain is empty. What actually in his mind, you will never know.

I couldnt imagine what i did .and i did not expect i was daring.. that me... God, please protect me, what ever i m doing... its just for my own self, to make a living in this KL Life...

God bless.. Amitabha

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Me, Myself and I

I started to Join P & I regional 2 September 2004. Due to certain trip to China, i was not able to start on the 1 Sept. What exactly is my position? My role and my focus? I do not know, but i know i m going to learn, i m going to identify my personality and im going to grab all the oppurtunities in this society.Like him, a man who is already at retiry age, yet still exceling in his business, continous improvement and no turnning back.

What can i do to enhance myself? i knew i weak in every perspective, Jack of all trade, Master of None. What can i do i joinning this company? Be Focus, like everybody say.. be focus ... thats what i m trying to do now.