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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Baby ! I Miss You...

I still remember, the last dog i had at home in Sabah was called Blacky ( which was 10 years back when i was in Tawau) Mamamia... Blacky die and my family moved to KK, eversince i dont have a pet attached.

Lately, a friend of mine brought his dog little pug name Baby to me... from the first day we met, i fell in love with her and my heart melt with the adorable and comic action. When she sees some one new, she like to smell, hike on you and, and lick you all over.. when she is happy, she express her excitement with full of energy, she swing her tiny tail which goes along with her butt and and her big round eyes look at you as if she is trying to convey a message to you.
She loves playing "fighting game" and she loves to squeeze in between tiny warm place of your body.. for example, in between your hip , in between you breast or in between you arm... she is smart in looking for good location to has her self set free... Look at this picture of her, it looks like~ " OH~ WHO CARES HOW I SLEEP~

She is just too comfy on the Sofa!

She sleeps almost 14 hours a day, but when she woke up she is so hyper that she wants to play so much.. she likes to play fight and chasing.. then she bark as if she is very fierce and strong ( which she is not) she cant even go down a staircase and walk through a steel tunnel. She is just a baby.. that need extra attention.

Sometimes, she look at you with her big round eyes like these

" What the f xxx do you want ??! "

The fold and features on her face make her look fierce but actually she is not... she is just curious on anything she see... even she tried drinking cola and burb so loud like a man.. OMG.. she is just so lovable.

Sometimes, I let her do whatever she wants on me.. this is what she did :-

She Sniffs you all over, She bites you all over and then she squeeze in between anywhere of your body.

Everyday i must meet her at the park... we must spend sometime communicating and play around... she is irreplaceable.

Baby... i miss you !

Sunday, May 25, 2008

She is no more a virgin~

Its been a while my blog was left stagnant... with the tight schedule and work piling up for factory set up... i was unable to keep my journal updated.. however, today i would love to have my usual Nescafe Gold, sit on my wooden teak wood table, and drop a few words for the day.

Last two night, i have been making myself busy by going out with my housemates Kate & Ice. Ice is the niece of Kate who just came from Thailand. They are both native of Thai so , Kate has been staying with me for quite a while, we some what have this similarity in sharing about our community culture, living lifestyle, and opinion about life.

Since Ice never been to any of the pub, disco and club, we decided to bring her out and gave her a good grooming for the night. So, Off we go on Friday Night Fever!

I can see from Ice how nervous, excited and engross she was with the preparation of our fast make up and hairdo. She herself was lost with the newly expose make up kit and paraphenalia. However, nature of girls... Make up is like the hardware for the man... Kate and I put on a list of dress for her, then i tried my very best to put on her make up (which i almost forgot what i ve learnt in AIS, and gave her hair a curl for the night )so, she started to check out mirrors .... she is gorgeous, naive little girl.
Since this is the first time we went to club together, i am not sure how these girls can handle themselves, so i told myself to be sorber at all times, and watchful on my belongings while enjoying the dance. We hope into Rum Jungle and the club was pretty empty... however, we re between a tables of party people with their girlfriends. Unbelievable, the last person i expect to get drunk... Kate... she had so much fun... touching the guy next table to us , and waving to everyone " good Bye, Good life and Have Fun! " ... Ice was alright but its an eye opener to her... this is her first time and she was looking stunned and shock at any point of time.

We dance whole night long, releasing our stress, boredem and fat in our body and soul...

I drove home in a tipsy mode, trying to keep myself sorber and avoid police checking at all time... Lucky i skipped the Check point at Jln P Ramlee.. Its a great night ever since i dance the last time ( which i cant remember when ) .... Dancing... is still a part of my life...