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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Up close and Personal With The Native Wildlife-Lokawi Wildlife Zoo

I am personally a domestic animal lover as well as a puppy obedient trainer, but as i visited the Lokawi Wildlife Zoo, i give an absolute salute to the wildlife animal obedient trainer on their skills, patience and technique on training Wildlife animals here. Visiting the zoo has already impress me, however, watching the wildlife Obedient Show is my highlight in this Blog today !

A little About Lokawi Wildlife Zoo
Now, for those who do not know where exactly this zoo is located. It is just 15kms south west of Sabah's capital. On the way to Papar, by pass Kinarut. This wildlife park is approximately 280 acres and it is developed with the purpose of educating and fostering the awareness of conservation. This wildlife park is some what different then what you see from other zoo, they have a very big and ample space for the animals to being their natural conditions as much as possible.

I want to highlight the best part of my visitation to Lokawi Wildlife. Instead of explaining to you each animals characteristics, ( which i think you will be able to get the best interpretation from the guide there), I want to share with you the intelligent animals that have perform their best during our visitation here!

Mr Orang Utan ( Bobby) made a grand entrance swing via the hemp string from one to another. Stylo and macho he is.. landing nicely under the hand of his loving trainer.

The he had a serious negotiation with his trainer on whether he is in a mood to perform and does his skills for the day. Negotiation only success when bribery needs to be done.. Bobby wants his treats !

Then he start performing his skills ... first by rolling the little carrot from one end to the other... and thats not the end.. he needs to compete his speed with Evita, a little visitor whom are excited to compete with her !

Besides competing speed, Bobby has to compete his strenght as well with the strongest man among the audiences. Peeling a coconut husk! Ha.. and you will be amaze by how easy it is for him.

Last, Bobby shows his intellectual talent in showing his artistic skills.. he actually painted a rainbow!

Next .....

An intelligent Blue Napped Parrot

Started his appearance with raising a Malaysian flag. And that already received a loud applause from the audience.. adding on with his mathematic skill.. we are amaze and clapping none stop for this steady parrot !

He was given a mathematic question.. 6 + 9 =? and he has to pick the numbers from the little signboard and can you see how proud the handler was on her result... 15! on the signboard.. of course this is through practise again and again.. and many many "kuaci" treats for Mr parrot.

Other then just this 2 exciting show, there are also simply scary wildlife reptiles like Phyton that was hiding at the audiences seat

Kids will have the chance to hold, touch and even feel a python around them.

Other animal such as otters, Borneo Pygmy Elephant and even Proboscis monkey whom were the endemic of Borneo also can be seen here.

If 3 days 2 night tour is far way too long for you. This is the perfect place to view various species of animals in just one day. Perhaps a trip from 10- 4pm is the perfect timing. There is a simple canteen the serves some instant snack and noodles.

Kids will definitely enjoy seeing the animals activities, feeding time as well as the performance that ends the day with excitement !