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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sono stanco- i am tired

Ah..buona notte- good night.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Anything is Possible

Ever since the beginning of my little Alpha Project...time flies that, my fear, my inconfidence and my worry has overcome eventually...

Sometimes i thought it is impossible to handle this, or i shall insane dealing with this little monsters..its like a daily big burden that i need to deal with the unessacary problems and behavior,and i have pass it and immune with it.

This is the person that amazed me.. he carry 60kg of food up to Laban Rata everyday.. I am glad that i took his picture. he carried it up and get his pay.. come down the same day cause the wife is waiting for him to come home for dinner.

I am glad that i have gone this far.. and still being enthusiast with i am dealing with. I thought i may give up.. but i still love them.. The cause and effect.. and living in The "NOW" of their behavior.. creates my thought of a Philosophy of Buddha living..

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Pugs~ My Inspiration

I use to stay alone and always looking forward for weekends to go out window shopping and enjoy coffee with friends.
As i started my project Alpha.. Puppy Central, i spent every corner of my free time trying to improve my skill, by providing better environement for these bunch of lucky furkids..eventually, they become the lucky one who posses me.. they own me...:)
the wrinkle on their head shows how concern they are towards my daily activity, where i go, who i meet today and when am i coming home...sometimes sam ( my staff) use to scold them tremendously due to their disrespecful behavior just to get over something they want... this is funny... however.. they are so driven by food ( treats)... this can really rule ther head...
my three lovely pugs.. (Vicky) known as victoria Beckham as she really loves to lay down on the couch and act relax... (Baby) as the naggy pot as she only stays on her own all the time and donest like distraction of nuisance.. well last but not least ( Paco) the alpha male.. that bark through the wall just to get what he wants... and usually he wants Vicky.. haha

Resting time...

Playing time with Pacco D handsome ... assistant Manager. * By the way he has been promoted, and pass his probation period... his marketing skill is good, he attracted many sexy gals walk in to my shop ! *

My Pacco D Handsome.. always look proud of himself... Humorous and silly... He is the kind of guy that live in the "NOW" ... he tend to forget everything after trainning.. all the time.. all his mind is only about "HUMPING".. the male instinct...

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Kiss of love

Some tiny moment during the day care of my day. A golden retriever kissing a tiny terrier. .

The dog that inspire my passion.

She empathy the hardship i put, the effort i ve thrown.. And most of all the exhaustion i feel. She- the great