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Monday, April 28, 2008

This month Issue~ Emotional Intelligence

Time past so fast, another month gone with the wind.... its the first quarter of the year.. what have i achieved, and what have i accomplished...? sometimes i just wonder... Did i made the right move to come back to KL... however, time will tell and spizzica outcome will tell the truth...

This month was a crucial and hollow month, i had plenty of arguments especially with the person i love, things just doesnt go along with my expectation, did i expect too much from him ? or he is just too emotional insensitive... I lost my temper few times, throw my tantrum like a toddler, and even cried like a baby... some how or rather, i made him feel painful but still... he is wondering why...

i think, Emotional Intelligence is really running out in most of the guys nowadays ( especially , the malaysian guys.....) That makes most of the woman feel like a CD repeating as everything needs to be told again and again and yet it is ignored by the him.Sometimes, after being with you for more then a year, they started to cruise on the flat emotion that where there is no need to communicate or even think he needs to improve his love life/career/ fitness level etc. So when woman try to puor their heart out trying to be nice and expect to be loved in return they turn out to be a died lizard lying on the road.

EI- generally is an important radar that use to read people,connect quickly and asses whats really going on/ whats needed. In specific explanation, EI is all about understand why we feel and behave the way we do so that we can recognize and respond to the feelings when they arise. EI is use to develop greater self awareness and self control in our relationships with others.

Its is really hard to find a man who is high in their Emotional Intelligence, when they can acknowledge, notice and adress your feelings promptly, they will show their empathy, love and support and even intuit what they can do to have a strong , intimate and meaningful relationship in all walks of life with you.

I somehow think... its way too far to find a man who is emotionaly sensitive enough, unless the are season and experience man ( you know what i mean ;) ) or they are just temporary excited to be fetish in love...

Its late , i m going to rest now... nice dinner with my thai housemate whom is leaving soon back to Bangkok.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Juggling between the East & West~

Being a village girl and away from home, it might be pretty cool for a moment but feeling lost, like an " Ikan Bilis" in this metropolitan city.KL~

Its been 3 months i am away from home, everything which needs to be settle seems pretty done, especially relocating of new shelter, Sending Black Horse, and getting all necessity done in time. ( Thanks to my dear boss who has been very helpful and supportive all through the way); however being premanantly in this city, no one is allow to stop in order to make ends meet and make a living in KL.

Sometimes, i feel the tranquility in myself... as if there is "nothing" i have here, but true friends. I miss every bits of KK, be it the dirty highway that caused black horse full with mud, the nag from my mom for coming home late, the night insects that always attack my room, the port hole of KK highway, the boring night life that every where you go, you meet the same circulation of familiar faces. ... still... i miss KK.. especially the care free people that i met, the real "pribumi" who never want to leave their mother land. or or you can even check this website out on how much welcoming sabah is for tuorist all over the world

However, i was told this is a process of charactor building~ yes CHARACTOR BUILDING it seems... being away doesnt mean u forget your root, or your origins, but just building a stronger personalities by going through all the obstacle or so called "shitty experience", in short~ this is what i get.....

"KK~ Simplicity, Carefree, unique, & Exotic to

KL~ Luxurious, Chic, Cosmopolitan & Stylish" ....konon lah~

Well, after all ... i just got to be happy ... move on and always asked my self "Now I was without a man my time was just for me. I was going to live my own Sex and the City existence – but would I really find that my new life matched the series? "

Thursday, April 10, 2008

New words of the day " Pheromone"

I learn a new word from a good friend of mine today... he smells my pheromone... man!
In google search PHEROMONE means

" a chemical that triggers a natural behavioral response in another member of the same species. There are alarm pheromones, food trail pheromones, sex pheromones, and many others that affect behavior or physiology. Their use among insects has been particularly well documented, although many vertebrates and plants also communicate using pheromones"

So in human socialogy, pheromone usually used in man's parfume in order to attract female to arouse their sexual desire... its an ingrediant that used by most leading parfume company for the purpose of attracting the opposite sex.... See, now you know, buying parfume is not just only making you smells good, it also makes your courting success! Haha~

Little treat after a Sad Day~

Everything was so furstratung today, internet at home was down, nothing can be done at home after a tiry day of arguing with him..being fly kite by friend who suppose to meet up since last week... since BH is here, i thought of bringing him for a wash near by My house.

Instead of turning to car wash, i turn to Hair Wash! ha.... gave myself a little treat so i wont be so worn out by sadness, anger and all dissapointment that i have to accept. So here i go Face Affair~

Because i was so pissed, so i just told the stylist do anything he want with my hair, so he said 3 important things in a womans hair... 1 ) shine ( which i dont have) ,2) no split end ( which i have )3) No dandruff ( and i have it too! ) .. so i decided to request 3 things that instantly make me happy. So he did something which eventually turn out quite satisfying.. 1 ) Curl ( since my hair is dry ) 2) cut the fringe shorter ( so i look more shinny and fresh ) 3) wave ( so i dont look so dull)
and all in all with a good dandruff treatment only cost me RM 49.90... Boleh tahan!
Its so easy to make a woman impulse happy...However, the next day, my hair went straight back, too heavy, too much it seems ... hai~

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Good Day Ahead !

Am having my favorite Nescafe Gold while waiting for the time to leave from home to start my day. Still waiting for his sms geetings but yet to hear anything since last nite *grin*
I know i shouldnt be into this but my, IQ( intelligent Quotient) doesnt work well without EQ( Emotional Quotient), emotion play a very strong roll in my daily progessive...
ok my morning coffee is finish, i have to go now. good day melis~

The Sunday Brew~

Today, beside being lazy as usual, i stayed at home reflecting back the week to do list...things are moving pretty fast, factory is targeting to be done by month end and hopefully everyone can start testing our pizza the soonest.

However, looking back, deep down inside my heart, emotional mood are still fumbling, i know i have to go through this, for the better of both of us. I know he can be better without me, and i know he deserve some one better. However, i will always remember the inforgetable and precious moment, as well as the long distance realtionship that we have gone through together.

I came across this while reading one of a celebrity (sabahan's blog, btw i always like to check out sabahan celebrity cause i am very proud of them, for not forgeting their root but flying far and making us proud ), See~ Sabahan are always full of emotion :) :-

It's so easy to move ahead and go on with life but we both know we don't want to.
It's so easy not to look back but we know in retrospect, what we have had gone through was precious and irreplaceable.
It's so easy to say, goodbye but deep down inside it's not what we really meant to say.
It's so easy to say, forget it ever happened but we know the feeling is too entrenched to be erased off our minds and hearts.
It's so easy to say, you have yours and I have mine, we will live separate lives.
It's so easy to say, I'll give this up for your happiness and for mine but it's not true.
It's so easy to say, time will help us forget about each other but you know it will not happen unless amnesia hits us.
It's so easy to say, I will back off and cut off those correspondence but we know that we are too connected and can't live without it.
God, please grant him the best of all and let him be happy for the life he deserved!

The weather seems agreeing to my feeling today, thunder strike and lightning every now and then, following with down pour of raining cat and dogs, they emphatize my feeling i suppose...