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Sunday, March 30, 2008

10 things i hate about you~

I dedicate this simple poem to a best friend of mine, whom i really loved and anxious about once upon a time, he created emotions in me, and his kisses has played apart in my life :~

" I Hate when you talk to me, without thinking how sensitive a woman is
I hate when u smoke, and never clear your own ashtray
I hate when you shower, and wet all over the floor of my wash room
I hate when you forgotten all the table manners that i've reminded you over and over again
I hate when you dont feel anxious when i m always not there for you
I hate when you dont kiss me good nite, and care more on your football
I hate when you dont sing me oldies anymore
I hate when you dont cuddle me at night
I hate when you dont call me and ask how am i
and most of all, I hate when you are still insisting that you are "OK" when i know you are not"
I hate... i really hate, when i have to go through this stage... just for the good of both of us...

Friday, March 28, 2008

When Your Simplicity is Appreciated

I received an email on a poem wrote to me feels wonderful to have some one appreciating and loving you at times.... however, in reality.... i m who i am bah...

"In her voice I hear sadness
though she tries to cover it so well
when I hear her laughter
my heart begins to swell

Pain has become an enemy
she battles it with pride
in our conversations
anguish, she tries to hide

She carries weight on her shoulders
enough to break the strongest soul
offering a helping hand to others
because her heart is made of gold

Her writing not complex
emotion weaves the lines
what lays within her heart
is what her poetry defines

Often offering words of comfort
expression sincere and true
a shoulder to cry upon
helping to pull you through

I don't need words complex
to express my love
she is an inspiration
and all the things above

Do I believe in angels ?
Yes I think God sent one to me
though she doesn't have wings nor a hallow
she is a beautiful soul I call ..."
EC.Copright Reserve
Some one who is not right might be perfect for another person.This is what i learn in every aspect of life. Before u put the passion, you must love it first.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


A part of me wants to leave you alone
A part of me wants for you to come home,
A part of me says i m living a lie,
And i m better off without you,
A part of me says to think it through
A part of me says i m over you,
A part of me wants to say good bye, a part of me is asking why....

A part of me want to leave but a part of me want to be here with you, and everytime i think we re over and done, you do something to let me back loving you, and you got me just torn.

So many times i was ready to go, so many times i had my foot out of the door; So many times i thought of giving him a chance just to think that he will be a better man, cause i keep fighting myself for you,you got me so torn.

Something is telling me i should leave you alone, or you will just keep me torned.......

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Its a Breakthrough, instead of a Break Off...

After a year of distance relationship, finally we re back together again. Does it really really working out right? I have put my full effort of making it happened again, we have breathrough the first stage, now we re moving ahead to a harder stage.

Anyhow, i came across few books about answers to Questions like " I wonder Why?" Well, how do we define " attachment, detachment and desire" when we re in Love?

What is the difference between being attached to other people and loving them?

sometimes, when we said we re attached, we over estimate other people's qualities, thinking that they are better than they actualy are. However, we care about then just because they please us, they care, help, praise and even encourage us etc. What we ordinarily called LOVE is usually just attachment. With attachment, we do not see people for who they are or what they are, and thereby develop many expectation on them. When they do not live up to what we thought, we are hurt, or we disillusioned.

I am not sure how many cases of separation went through my ears, reading, saying is very much easy then really doing it ... sometimes, when u manage to went through a period of long time with your partner, i congrates you, its really a breakthrough....for life long relationship.

The Opening

I have not been writting my journal for couple of month. I use to update it monthly at; due to my relocation from KK to KL, my new job interview process as well as my house hunting experience, i had a long list to do :), but its over, and now its the time to sit down, and start opening back my Jumanji game~

Well, lets talk bout my last christmas:~

Last christmas, i had 3 wonderful gift, Christmas has never been a big celebration for me, although i dont celebrate much ( just monginum in cousins place) , i enjoy exchanging gifts with precious one. It really shows the little appreciation and how much a person thought about you, it also shows who really take the effort for the relationship that you have. So, here is what i got :-

Anna Sui lip Golden matt lip Gloss ( pretty cool for clubbing )

Cerruti 1881 classy, water resistant watch.

And ... Versace Crystal Noire by Gianni Versace.

There are real wonderful gift as all match in one occasion... Woowwwuuuu..... however, knowing me, i will always keep them in my precious box, till god knows when... then forgotten that i have these precious gift.

Last christmas, i also gave mama & papa some cool staff... and they are loving it ! There birthday falls on the christmas eve, so i brought them to nice dinner at Tjg Aru, The mediterranean for a Cosy dinner. Papa Got a Camel cling bag to put all his gadget during travelling and mama got her Swatch Watch for Birthday. We had quality time together for a simple fine dinner.

The Mediterranean @ First Beach Tjg Aru. A must try when you come to KK.

So, December was actually a great month for me, not more on the christmas, but more on my decision for moving ahead, and live a life.... Its an outdated journal, but i can never forget, what i have gone thru :)


Friday, March 14, 2008

KL~ Here i come

Hi, I m a purely Sabahan clane. I started this blog for a reason. My new job, new career, new life and new living environment, in this urban area... In this blog, i want to convey my life experienced message, my thought about happenings around to all readers, these goes especially to my Sabahan friends, as well as those who speaks the same tune with me. Be it beautiful story, shitty experience in KL as well as events which comes in a blue moon.

As you can read here, i m a direct and simple writter... the purpose of writting this journal is to keep track on the massive changes of this society and friends, please bombared me with your comments and thoughts, are you in line with me :)Ciao Sabahans~

by melissasy