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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Belated Tag!

Oh Dear... i ve been missing my blog and back dated for quite a while.. I ve got a Quirky Tag.. and just realize it now... (scratching my head), i want to share so many things... especially to Sandra, on meeting you DH with Alex.. but schedule are just too tight, i will write you soon!

Ok OK come back to Tag...

1. I can't eat rice without Red Hot Chilli. I can tolerate wihtout spicyness if i m having pastas, burger or noodles...but with rice, i just cant help it, i need the spicess Sabah Chilli to add on the taste on my dish and rice. Sometimes i even put a teaspoon in my soup.

2. I cant stand my leg being left unwaxed, I can live with them if i m with long pants all the time, being unwaxed, i feel my both my legs like chicken skin.. rough pores and baby hair.. yaiks.. Veets is my best companion for now.. Hope can do IPL to permanant remove them.

3. I m very sensitive- Yes i m very sensitive in terms of being criticize and turn emotional easyly.. i always tired myself out for helping people or just to make others happy and end up,
being taken advantage. I must change this.

4. I must carry a big bag whenever i m going- be it just going out to the wet market, i need a big bag to dump all my equipment. I must carry a camera all the time with me, and handphones ( cant live without), more important then wallet as i always has money inside my pocket..

5. I must communicate on the phone at least once in an hour... Addictive or what i m not sure. Be it talking to supplier, my family, friends and so on... if no one calls me, i will started to look for some one to call...

6. what else..... i dont like my eyebrow to be plugged, i like it threaded ( by indian beaitician, they are experts) ... threading is there expertise..

OK .. this is what i can think of for now.. whom shall i tag:

Priscilla, Alex and Elaine !