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Thursday, May 26, 2011

When chaotic blend of modern and contemporary -brings music to life

I have nothing much to say.. Just post this up and hope you enjoy the ethnicity blend of this music played by Roger and Hazekiah, it was an instrument called "Sape" in Hazekiah's hand and Roger with his little "guitar" ( i m not sure what you call that) ; i took it with my D5000, from a distance away. It wasn't too good but this is the highlight and best moment i enjoyed during the Concert of Roger Wang & friends at Likas Trade Center. For more details on Roger A local pioneer guitarist and talent developer... visit his website at

Volunteer + Tourism = Voluntourism

Hi, for some friends who have been wondering why couldn't reach me while you were in Sabah. I am so sorry ( Especially @Jackie@Andrew@Anton & Catherine@Pilot Tom@Dwi), for you know i am currently very much involved with out reaching Community Projects, especially on building local community capacity. I sometimes travel to remote area, where the line are really bad.. Although the yellow man ( DIGI/ the leading Telco in Sabah) seems always with me, but somehow still a lot of you guys are complaining that couldn't get hold of me. Check out the organization that i am with,so whatever my organization do, its where i blend in all my passion and vision to eliminate the poverty in Sabah. 

Check this article out where it summarizes what my organization did and still doing now :- 

 Being the contributor for TIES ( The International Ecotourism Society) under the umbrella of BEST Society.

On top of that, turning my passion to reality, i also write for Lifestyle magazine ~ Breeze. This magazine is free circulated every month in most of the cafe, fitness center as well tourism destination i.e lodge, restaurant and terminal? I am not sure ( but hey, they are cool stuff , check them out in facebook if you are not in town )   

Being the contributor for Breeze ( A Borneon lifestyle magazine ) specializes in domestic Ecotourism Destination. 

Ahh~ this one was featured this month ( for your information May is the Harvest Festival month, which means everyone is their culturistic and drinking mode :)  )

And of course, i do still spend time with my three furkids... who can never leave me alone :) . In fact recently just brought Babe ( my eldest ) to Sully in Timesquare, KK for a Party Animal event, a fund raising event for SPCA KK. So this is for you Catherine, Jacqui Leong and Crystal Fetting, Caroline Anthony. I do remember you girls. 

A gorgeous guest adoring babe...

Till then, amigo. :) 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I am giving my boyfriend away !

My Lazy Boyfriend  - Bacho ! 


Anyone of you need a good companion for drinking, looking after your house and mess up your living room...
Do let me know. 

I am giving out my boyfriend Bacho! He is such a CLEVERRRR boy.. Aramaiti before the Harvest Festival ! 

When i am busy taking pictures for the Unduk Ngadau session in every district, he started his drinking session already, and when i am back.. he is like this ( above picture ) 

How can you rely on a sire like this to watch after your house.. thats why i call him a companion. 

Useless dog.. i am giving my boyfriend away.... 


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pesta Ka’amatan – What it meant to Sabahan nowadays

The month of May, is the busiest and exuberant month for the indigenous of Sabah. In this joyous month, 32 tribes with more than 80 dialects will join together to celebrate this meaningful occasion. Pesta kaamatan generally means “Harvest Festival”. It is intricately connected with rice cultivation and with a cycle of life. Rice is Sabah golden crop, it is the grain of life and Pesta Kaamatan marks the end of the planting cycle. It is intimately related to the ethnicity ranging from culture, social strata and mostly of all religion. If you want a glimpse of Sabah’s origin and nativity, and at the same time capture the true spirit of the mystical “Land below the Wind” this is the time to visit us!

A Short History of Pesta Kaamatan

The life of the people in Borneo, essentially that of hunters, subsistence rice farmers and wild fruits collectors. The livelihood which involve everyone from youngest to the eldest, man and woman was a hard one. Preparing rice fields, collecting firewoods, weeding, prepare seedlings, planting, watching out for crops to harvesting ripe crops involved back-breaking process. But it wasn’t just the labor intensive nature that caused such veneration for the crops; a natural disaster such as flood, drought, and herbicides has become the main obstacle, not enough rice meant famine. Over decades of years rice cultivation superstitious and taboo sprung up, no one thanks God for rice more gratefully then the humble farmer.

"Huminodun"- by Yee-I Lann, produced the rich historical of Photographing was exhibited at the national Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne.

The Mengavau Ceremony

“Mengavau” literally means to recover what one has lost, by whatever means, it is a thanksgiving ritual, led by a female religious priest called “Bobohizan”. When the Bobohizan cuts the first shoot of ripe paddy grains to mark the beginning of the harvesting time, a long beckoning prayer is recited to invite “Bambaazon” to return home to the household rice barns to rest until the time comes for selecting the grains to be sown anew.

Nowadays, such festival is open to all, merry making feast take place and “The natives” celebrate them in more of a joyous way. “Tapai”, which is a formed of rice wine were served in a small bamboo cups or a big ceramic jar. When one is salute with the word “Aramaiti”, it means “cheers” to the festive. As the non-stop "Tapai” pouring goes, the spirit of sharing, forgiving and fellowship is practiced, the harmonious mingling and interactions of the Kaamatan celebrates who come from all walks of life, from various colours, creed and cultural tradition. The continuous bit of gongs and Sumazau dance to the joyous rhythm continue for days. “Sumazau is the traditional kadazanDusun that every generation of the origins has learned to live.

The Cultural dance- Mengunatip has become an international

performance each varies from 32 tribal of North Borneo.

Little "Unduk Ngadau"

From Ethnicity to Nationalism

Nowadays, we do not solely rely on rice cultivation nor we have such plentiful land where we can plant rice but we celebrate Kaamatan every year to embrace our tradition. In the capital of Sabah, kota Kinabalu city, everybody works in government offices or private company and so on, it varies so much. However in the individual context, people from all walks of life come together and interact with one another in order to nurture and strengthen friendship (silatul-rahim), which was established among us without distinguishing between ethnic group and religion. Be it differ in colour, culture, language and even religion. The community of Sabah has never deviate from the “1 Malaysia” concept.

My beloved Kadazan Family

Aron, Charmaine and Zachary Mobijohn

Taking this opportunity, i wish you all " Kotobian Tadao Tagozo Do kaamatan" ; Aramaiti! and have fun with the "Tapai" ",Sumazau" dance as well as experience the "Bahar" "Lihing" and "Montoku" !

My next blog will feature one of the Unduk Ngadau winner from Tuaran District- Caroline Anthony ....