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Friday, October 23, 2009

The Red Tea Cup Poodles

Reddy The red nose, brown eyes.. female poodle.. perfectly healthy with 2nd vaccination and microchipped.
Side Plank Of Reddy... and being the naughty one between the sister, i guess she is the smarter one compare to the black nosy...

On the other hand, her sister Black Nosy.. is quiet, gentle and calm.. she is very soft and really worth to be loved and giving love type of puppy.
I try giving her a hair punk look so she doesnt look so bullied ... however, she is still a "space Out" little baby...
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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Day I exploded ~

I need a change... i ve been grooming dogs and dogs and dogs....from curly to straight, soft to coarse and matted hair... finally its my own hair that i need to manage... its been too long, to flat and too much .. ( like a mop... you know.. the floor mop i mean?)

So i went to the best saloon in town, as this is my first hair perm... so it better be good... and they were 4-5 staff attacking my hair cause it was too thick and heavy... and when the perming starts... this is how it looks... ( Transformer revolution)

The guy who did my hair was a young chao with a fashionable look, perhaps he must be thinking why is this woman so "Jakun" never have digital perm before? Well.... it took me 3 hours of waiting and i can imagine how does it feel with a helmet on your head for 3 hours... its so heavy ..

Lets take a closer look, i really look like transformer.... the bad one though, not the bumblebee...

And finally this is how it looks...they call it digital big wave perm....