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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Another year has gone by.....

Pic taken at Geneva lake with Mounia Ghazalli  August 2011 

Over time, we have come to accept things that we cannot change, and if we are smart enough, we will also live life without regret.. learn from the pass and move on for better..

The past "experience" ; is not something we can't let go. Although regret is something very unfamiliar to certain people. To regret means that part of ourself especially our soul is still lives in the past and doing so is not moving forward.As we grow older, we find it more important to live in a now. 

As i get older, i realize that some things and people are important and some are not. I realize that truth and character are all that matters and those who truly loves you are to be cherished.

I also realize that success is made day by day, and accumulative effort that turns some one's passion into perseverance action. Tomorrow may never come and today maybe the last echo in time on one soul has to another. 

I have no complaints at all of what transpired in 2011 for it was another phase of my life to be remembered and achieved, and one that forced me to learn some important lessons. Now 2012, i believe will be even a better and stronger year, as the past has made me better..

Picture taken @ Geneva with Mounia Ghazalli

Good Bye 2011, and hello 2012... Happy New year to all.. May the peace, calm and stress relieve Borneo vibes brings to you where ever you are in the world.

Benvenuto 2012 !

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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Memorable Authentic Italian Community lifestyle.Food for thought.

I still have so much to share throughout my journey of discovery in Venice,Rome and Geneva, Switzerland. The beautiful and meaningful part about "homestay" did not just stop at what i did in Marco's house. 

Sara, my master, preparing pasta for continuously since morning. 
Marco's wife, Sara, is a mother of 4 and a chef for thousand people whenever there is a Bazaar or charity fiesta. Cooking for her is not just a passion, but it also enable her to get together with her mate and be merry while preparing dishes for guest. All income,be it drinks or meals will go into donation through the church. 

I may have language difficulty with them however, each and everyone seems carrying their duty diligent and sincerely. So the food presented maybe simple, but it seems to me the best dish i ever had. 

Check out the amount of drumstick and chicken breast to be barbequed. Check out the other side of chicken was the tenderloin beef and pork ribs. Imagine you are preparing this, so imagine standing in front of the charcoal for more then 5 hours.
Lucky the weather was cold. So the charcoal served 2 purposes. To keep warm and to cook. 

So the preparation of charcoal is at the other end, no strong fire to the meat so there were no wastage of over cook chicken or burnt pork rib. 

Young and old, father and son , all are involved in making this fiesta a success.You bring the fine charcoal and i will do the best pork ribs. 
On the other hand, in the kitchen, the women are preparing wedges, chips, onion ring  and each and every duty is being done diligently. 

A wonderful side dish that went very well with my chicken BBQ. But i really cant remember what was the name. :(
I will ask Marco and re caption this photo. 

The kitchen tool.... 

And wallah, here i was.. dancing through the night with the Cowboy dancers.. we had so much fun with the instructor. 

Uno, due, tree, quattro ...girare... anchora anchora ..
So it practically means "1,2,3, turn, again and again", although language is the barrier but those steps doesn't seems hard and anyone can easily join in and have fun.  

This is Martha and her husband.. they both are volunteers in the fiesta. 

Martha daughter, with Deborah ( Marco's daughter) they are just naturally beautiful 

Kiss kiss.... beauty 

Thorn among the roses ?  Nah... make a change "Rose among the thorns"

Experiencing the livelihood, community services and being part of the volunteers, enriching myself with life of Venitien community  is one of most meaningful travelling experience i ever had.

"Anchora, grazie miller Chef Federico, Marco, Sara, Debora, and their beautiful family members of Micieletto"

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Some impromptu photos during hitz FM Malaysia 1st anniversary

Before i even enter, i caught JJ reading Firefly Menu, i guess he was super hungry , but then i know i may have to struggle with others to get him for a photo with me inside the party. So , being the naughty JJ, he immediately grabbed me over and asked Ean to take a sot. 
There you go, Ean and his super look.

And off i left to the party.. and i was shock there were such a long que for entry. 

The Big joy in Such Scarcity- An early Christmas gift for these foreign Kids

On fine afternoon, as i was heading to office in my car, i saw the usual two little girls who use to walk to work in one of the factory nearby Kelombong, Industrial area, pulling a gigantic monkey with their bull strength. They dragged the monkey in such hurry, big smile on their face and of course, they were not able to carry the monkey butt even. it was just too huge ! I quickly pull my car over and turned to them. I braked and i actually came out and chase after them. For one moment they thought i was a cop .. then i ask them to smile ..... and cheeeekkchaaaaak... i got this photo of them. 

"Dik, besar juga monyet ni, dari mana kamu orang dapat ni??"
( Hey Kids, this monkey is humongous, from where did you get it ? )

"Dari tong sampah kak sebelah sana kak"
( From the dumping area over there)

They look at me innocently, know nothing about their future holds and if they will be able  drag this  giant monkey home before the cops came and arrest them. Not because of stealing, but because of their unidentified nationality. 

I tailed them.. and i was just wondering where are they heading... 

Slowly, they went into the bushes, heading to the squatter behind the factory. I wonder, if the monkey is able to fit into their tiny house. As mush as i am concern..... police officers are just behind them....