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Saturday, January 23, 2010

The 10 Little things that made my day ~

1) An early morning coffee - with the right concosion

2) A morning greeting from the Italian mama with the loudest " CIAO" from the opposite site of the shop

3) Receiving the morning mail from him just to say hello

4) Learning a new word a day

5) A marvellous and healthy lunch before my training

6) Kilkenny /stout.. anyone..? Chilling, sun ..sea and beach...

7) A good life band for my favorite shout out.

8) A good night kiss

9) A glance on her big rolling eyes-my pug Baby

10) A sweet dream- through the night..

~ What a boring life ~

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Julio Iglesias is in Town...

I adore his music since young..i have all his album and his album been following me from my little private room to my uni hostel in KL.. his music and voice give me peace and calm me down. Sometimes even triggered my dancing mode..

And now his son Enrique Iglesias is just as good... however i m a classic person.. i like both but i love his father more :) ...
For more details of his 66th golden asia tuor

Really wish i can go :)