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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

He is my bro.

Kent arrived with exactly same shirt, same bag, and same style...
Benvenuto A Sabah, Kent..


Dingo been alone since the past few days.when he sees us. The excitement in him re just shootin high n he wable and run to us like a little hamster. She will be home soon.

New Blog Entry

Hi all,

My new blog entry
Kalo Senang, jenguk jenguk lah kio...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Jealousy sickness

Baby has not been well lately.. she has non stop discharge from her eyes and the sparks in her eyes were totally gone.. I know she was feeling down due to the attention everyone given to Pugsly.. However, to me she is still the part of my life... :) Now lets see her progress in canine tricks game

She has another side of her eyes squeening and i know it is a little swallen. She had non stop discharge from both her eyes and they are just not sparkling anymore.

However, she still perform all her daily trainning and do her tricks as per command... It took less then 15 minutes anyway....

Stay ... ON treats

Play Dead

Shake Hand to strangers ( as per command only)

And lastly "Take a Bow to you"

Happy weekend to all my friends :)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pugsly Progress II

Pugsly has grown very fast, from a little baby to a little naughty boy, and he started to understand he is the youngest in the pack. Despite being the youngest, as a male pug he loves galevanting around with Spot, discovering new things and play rought with Baby...

Along the trainning, i have concertrate more on his "roll over" posture because of his soft and long body. This is what his progress... with the lure of treats of course :)

Hope this doesnt lag too much... and i m blogging with the wind blowing off my head.... God job Pugsly !

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Disastress ~

Dear All,

Nothing much i could spread no more... I ve load it in facebook, and i ve load it in my fowarded mail... And here i load it again... Please just take care of yourself and your love ones...

( and just heard about Jakarta Bombing this Morning:(..... ) Another disaster by human kind.

Usually, there are various symptom before the disaster happend. If you have pet, check their behavior, dog digging underground, earth rat came out from the ground, your fish trying to squeeze to one side of the aquarium, your cat is miawing non-stop .... and Insects starts coming out galevanting in your living room....

I Kiasi??? or I kiasu.... hahahaha ... ciao people

Monday, July 06, 2009

Pugsly Progress

He has a very smoky and sleepy eyes.. deep wrinkle fold, flat nose with a gloomy look all the time. The first day he was shivering, but day after day he is becoming brave and naughty. Yes, he is a male pug that i just discover he is so mischevious and aggresive.. a very important Good Canine Citizen should imply on him... for now, he is just a little Baby, so he is excusable to do what he want...

He sleeps in a basket and look at the picture below and you know where is he located?

This is my temporary study table.. and guess where is pugsly?