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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Life of a Borneo Pug

For sometimes, i dont really update about BABY-The Pug, not because i was busy but because after a year of moving in out of Borneo, i am taking my time re adjust myself to the lifestyle here.. life is so much different when you have to be attached to ur family and relative.. I am a lone ranger.. i have been a lone ranger for almost 6 years... and i m kinda use to it.

However, for Baby The pug, life in Borneo is such a heavan for her... she is very much welcome here due to her rare species.. PUG breed and she get to enjoy a broaden and spacious greenery here.
1st season- to spayed or not to spayed

Baby started her first menses when she came out from her quarantine, blood started to drop all over the house, the cushion and even the Sofa! It wasnt only for a week, but it was more... because according to reference, dogs bleed for at least 3 week .. bit by bit..since i am staying in a confined apartment i need her to be cleaned... So, no choice and no mess- to spayed. She was sent to Sabah Animal Medical Centre ( SAMC) near Foh Sang,happyly she went in, and poor Baby came out in very drowsy mode.. She had 6th stiches at her lower bowel.. and she was conned around her neck.. this is because she needs to be avoid from licking her own wound and caused infection.

6 stiches underneath her, i can imagine she must be in pain.

She was also given this cone to avoid her from keep licking her wound.. or she will get infection.

"for me she looks like a torch light"

She vomitted several times due to the injection from Dr. and she tried so hard to eat but just couldnt have the appetite... this situation take her only 1 night... the next day, she is as hyper again. with her cut and wound, you just wouldnt believe that, animal has their own special cure and antibodi.

2nd Season-The Beach Outing

This is unbelievable, after less then a week of operation, i was told that if she could get some sea water, it would be good for her wound. So, i brought her to the beach for a stroll, and she end up swimming in the sea. I couldnt describe much about her joy for running towards the wave.. she chase after them and they chase after her in return, it just keep going and repeating untill she drank so much of sea water...

Sun bathing after a swim...

" Wow ! i can never enjoy this is kuala Lumpur"Puggy friends, things are so different although my bf Paco left me !

Today, she even met some new friends from Garage sales! Indy and Didith... too bad no picture was taken.. oh yeah.. and Zegnia... I think she is getting in love with her new life now...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I Have a Dream

I am a person who day dream alot... In KL, i always dream about myself selling things in weekend flee market, sometimes i dream about myself standing behind a beer bar serving preparing cocktail, sometimes i even dream about myself standing in a field trainning a bunch of dogs... my dream always came along with my daily living...

Ever since back here in KK, my daily living turns mallow and i have very dull daily, i started dreaming again~~~

i dream i run a small Italian Deli.....that serve very nice salami, pork cut, various type of cheese, bread, and wine... like this in the picture.Everyday, customers around the neighbourhood come

to buy their favorite salami and cheese, take away for their daily meal. Besides take away, they can also dine in, for a simple lunch or dinner that goes very well with wine of the day. Oh yeah~ may be i will also have some side dish like sun dried tomato, smoked green, red and yellow paper, even smashed brinjal... olives, garlic in balsamic venegar... and even anchovies serve in olive oil .. to go with their bread. All these food will be serve in a basket of bread.. which is the staple food for all italians.

My Italian Deli would be surrounded by friends and family ... a place for everyone to hangout and chill...
I know its just a dream.... A dream that always be underneath my pillow....

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Belated Tag!

Oh Dear... i ve been missing my blog and back dated for quite a while.. I ve got a Quirky Tag.. and just realize it now... (scratching my head), i want to share so many things... especially to Sandra, on meeting you DH with Alex.. but schedule are just too tight, i will write you soon!

Ok OK come back to Tag...

1. I can't eat rice without Red Hot Chilli. I can tolerate wihtout spicyness if i m having pastas, burger or noodles...but with rice, i just cant help it, i need the spicess Sabah Chilli to add on the taste on my dish and rice. Sometimes i even put a teaspoon in my soup.

2. I cant stand my leg being left unwaxed, I can live with them if i m with long pants all the time, being unwaxed, i feel my both my legs like chicken skin.. rough pores and baby hair.. yaiks.. Veets is my best companion for now.. Hope can do IPL to permanant remove them.

3. I m very sensitive- Yes i m very sensitive in terms of being criticize and turn emotional easyly.. i always tired myself out for helping people or just to make others happy and end up,
being taken advantage. I must change this.

4. I must carry a big bag whenever i m going- be it just going out to the wet market, i need a big bag to dump all my equipment. I must carry a camera all the time with me, and handphones ( cant live without), more important then wallet as i always has money inside my pocket..

5. I must communicate on the phone at least once in an hour... Addictive or what i m not sure. Be it talking to supplier, my family, friends and so on... if no one calls me, i will started to look for some one to call...

6. what else..... i dont like my eyebrow to be plugged, i like it threaded ( by indian beaitician, they are experts) ... threading is there expertise..

OK .. this is what i can think of for now.. whom shall i tag:

Priscilla, Alex and Elaine !

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The East Meet West

Simple yet meaningful culture exchange of thai and italian..
From Left : Alessandro, Pattama,Petchalda.
Venue : Seri Maya
Event : East Meet West Forum
Chef : Melissa Lim
Menu : Vegetarian Noodle, Pizza Romania, Wine of the Day

Friday, October 17, 2008

She Is Rabbies Free!

With all my heart, i wrote an appeal letter to the Jabatan Perkhidmatan Haiwan (Sabah) on the reliease of Baby The Pug from being full quarantined ( 30 days) ... and at last ... her early discharge is approved!

Can you imagine, after 2 days trauma, a 3 weeks confined, how does she react after release from a cage? She run around like a mad dog, as usual releasing her waste like a stray dog, and most of all... she starts to chew everything!!! and Yes, according to my advisors in she will forget her potty trained, but after a few weeks of patience training, she will be back to her discipline self...

I know this is disgusting but she really look so funny when she poo poo...

Quarantine Officer Henry, took her out from the cage and she struggled thinking that" whats Next! after this!"

She enjoys the Sofa So much, and chewing her favorite rubber shoe for hours!

She is as cheerful as a hyper clown, and she is so amaze with the new place and environment.Adenaline rush on her, funny expression and curiosity on her face makes her a real COOL dog as told to me. Nothing much i can tell but pictures speaks a thousand words.

Some people say Dogs are men's best friends, like wise to woman as well! Baby is still under home quarantine control, and if you happen to see a pug in Gaya Street, she might be BABY-The Pug....

BABY! You did it and i am so proud of u :)

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Baby On Board-Part II

After a night trauma and waiting, 6 30 am, Baby was sent to MH 2604 for her departure, i was watching her form the terminal. A Renault Kangoo with a paw sign shows MAS ANIMAL KARGO sent her with a little siren on top.. I know its BABY.. and i know i will not miss her in KK... She was carried to the Kargo compartment, and i m sure she is wondering where is she heading to. She never bark, she never hawl, she just kept very quiet waiting to see the master's arrival.
10.05am, MH2604 arrival at KK Terminal 1, obviously you can see a cage cargo carrier, picking up Baby( no such thing as Pet Animal Carrier Car). She was sent to Custom, much delclaration to be done, Vet department declaration, import license declaration, custom declaration, then quarantine department report. We went and check on her, she has no poo, just a slight pee, she has no food, she doesnt even eat at all... she just feel sad and shiver, and she barked so much once she sees us... she wagged her tail and just shout " Where have you been!!!!???"

Without fail and escape, Baby has to come here" Stesen Kuarantine Kinarut" which all imported animals must stay for at least 21 days. You can request for home quarantine, with the condition of writing letters to the Director of Animal Department.

She was so sad, her ears flop drop and her eyes turn upward down, the happiness and activeness in her totally gone.. and she doesnt even care other dogs were barking welcoming her arrival.. she just doesnt care at all.. she felt so sad, why .... does she has to go through this..

Baby, no matter what you have to be strong and go through this, just make friends with your companion here, never forget my Sit, Stay and Down command... Where is the Ball and Heel!!! The rest, we will start from zero again... dont worry, you will be fine..
I ve been visiting her at least 1 hour almost everyday.... Prisc, if you want to visit her, let me know K :) She will love you.

Baby On Board-Part I

So, its time... Its time for her to depart Kuala Lumpur, the concrete grass and four walls, highrise, minimal galloping space and leaving her hometown depart to Borneo, the real nature for her. However, Baby-The pug had to went through so much of procedure and anxiety, as she is curious what is going on, but she awares that something is going on.... Every occasion, she has a different feeling, she doesnt feel comfortable, she doesnt feel safe... however, she just have to bare with it.. the separation anxiety.
Baby's expression when she was put on body check board. This is to enable her to obtain her export license as a healthy dog and free Rabies before entering KK custom.

8 pm, she started to know, she is gonna be sent away, she pee on my floor mattress and started to mis behave, however, she is still adorable, playing in and out with the pet cargo carrier.. thinking its a little home sweet home. Kate, whom is her foster mummy saying good bye to her.

11pm, she was sent to Pet Animal Hotel at Sepang, while obtaining custom declaration and also Mas Kargo documentation done, she was cage inside a deporting room, with nothing in it but another dog cage beside her... she started to show her sepration anxiety, she bite and put her crawl and start hawling for sadness.. Andrew saying good bye to her.

Posted by PicasaBaby, Biting the cage trying to get out from Pet Cargo Carrier she must be asking
" Why did you put me here? Why are you leaving me? What am i going to do in this small cage, and i want to pee pee how??"
Baby was left overnight in Pet Animal Hotel.. which doesnt cost her anything cause for Pet Cargo in Mas you need at least 6 hours before check in for departure, her flight the next morning 7 30 am. together with me on board.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Things She Ate

Lately, Baby has big appetite. She used to be choosy and fussy in eating her meal.She never finish her daily dog food meal, which is a must for her before i feed any other snack.

Recently, she eats everything, be it edible or non edible, as long as she is reachable, she snap it and enjoy chewing with it, if she manage to chew it in her mouth , she tries her level best to swallow it..

She chews my loose powder sponge, all corners of my wooden side table, my socks, my shoes, even my dolls that i kept as souvenir.So, when all these chewing habit has turn my things torn, i just threw to her so she can concertrate enjoy chewing on one thing only... I use to give her 1 teddy bear to chew, as sometimes i think she likes to play with that little soft toy.. however as she grows, she needs bigger and bigger toy.. and look how pity are both my toys here:-

Both my teddy bears lost their eyes, and my red nose reindeer lost her nose... and if she manage to swollow any part of them, u will see the evidence every next morning... however, not everything can be swollow, some things just doesnt go through her little throat easily, Baby will vomited with the ease and regularity with hard core bulimic.Me and my housemate will hear her let out with a loud gaaaaaaaaack! at the corner of the house. By the time i rushed to her, you will see her looking at you at ease guilt with the toy in her mouth like this:-

Being inconsiderate of her, Baby next target will be a big challenge sitting on top of my bamboo basket at the corner of the house.. Everyday, she is waiting for the chance to drag this heavy bear down and try to bully him...look at her...

We in the house, can never have a foolish notion of letting her loitering around the house alone when we are not around.. She has to be confined... or... we confined ourselves just to avoid unnecassary damage again.

" Baby, if i were to count the damage you have cost.... it can only be replace by selling you away at Pasar Tamu ,Gaya Street KK! "

Monday, September 15, 2008

Book Worm Tag? Am I?

I received this tag On Books! i m not quite a book person but more on a hands on personality, however lets see what i can answer on these questions :-

Do you remember how you developed a love for reading?
Yes, i think i started from comics, story books with colouring function, i love them!

What are some books you read as a child?
When i was child, i was very much into chinese story books due to my moms requirement :so i read :儿童乐园,老父子,小豆芽,名人传记,漫画卡通。。。。。。 etc, i really cant remember much now.

What is your favourite genre?
I love lifestyle magazines, self help and motivation, business and most of all cookeries :)

Do you have a favourite novel?
Not any in particular... but i m reading "Marley and Me" for now, by JOhn Grogan and i love it.

Where do you usually read?
In coffee house with cosy sofa, in my room, in the car while waiting for mostly my sister and uncle.

When do you usually read?
Anytime, my mag or books are always inside my big bag

Do you usually have more than one book you are reading at a time?
Yes.. i shuffle in between mag and novel..

Do you read nonfiction in a different way or place than you read fiction?
Yes, non fiction, i usually go straight to the chapter i m looking for.

Do you buy most of the books you read, or borrow them, or check them out of the library?
I like to buy as collection.

Do you keep most of the books you buy?
Mostly yes.

If you have children, what are some of the favorite books you have shared with them? Were they some of the same ones you read as a child?
I am not quite sure, but i like story telling about pinochio, mermaid, and some famous legendary stories. Should be different from my material when i m young.

Do you keep a TBR (to be read) list?
no I don't

What’s next?
I m not sure, i dont have a habit for planning whats the next to be read.I think because i dont have the habit of reading at all time. I m more a hands on person.

Who are your favourite authors?
oh.. this is tough.. I dont have in specific... I need to find out now

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wedding Reflects

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This month is a real good month,It has been wedding functions one after another.Despite the busy schedule and losing touch of friends and relatives.. I am always excited when it comes to wedding. Today i attended an old friend wedding ceremony, and it remind me of my Emcee day during my cousin's wedding last December, Wedding in West Malaysia is some what similar in Sabah.. common Yam seng practise and round table seperated between bride and grooms family, and friends. The only different is... Sabahn wedding are mostly conducted in malay or english... this is because we are way to mix, with Kadazan, Bajau, dusun, and even chinese looking whom doesnt understand chinese... however ( a slide in between of Hakka, hokkien, and also kadus language makes the evironment chill)...

This was my emcee experience during my cousin wedding, i posted this blog in friendster last year .. it was sweet and warmth , as all my relative, came down from tenghilan, tamparuli, topokon, and evern tuaran, penampang, and Papar...some of them still came with sarung, or curut ( which is a tabocca kind ). I miss this moment :-

The Mix Culture Wedding ( posted 17 dec 07)

Today- 15 Dec 2007, Is a very special day for my cousin Set Fui. She will be getting married to her long time boy friend, Janeve which is A Dusun from Kota Belud. ( Dusun is one of the native clan of Sabah). Meanwhile, being the master of ceremony for this special mix culture wedding celebration, i am truly happy to celebrate this joy with this newly wed couple.

Morning Schedule was pretty tight as we have a Chinese Wedding Culture Where Janeve came at about 8:35am to pick up Set Fui and being tortured by some dramatic challenge which took almost 1 hour. He was force to sing in Mandarin, to eat chili, bitter gourd, and even lime which shows that he is willing to go through every stage of life with Set Fui. After winning the battle, we had Tea Ceremony which took us 1 hour as we have a very big family. Our appointment with pastor for the sacred solemnize was at 10am. So once the tea ceremony finished, we rushed immediately to the church and finally the couple managed to complete the solemnization and end the morning chapter of the wedding.

Now here comes the lime light of the wedding, The “Aramity” dinner. This is the first time I conducted a ceremony for a wedding. Hence, a little nervous. however, at least I have a male emcee accompanying me, so It wasn’t too bad after all. The ceremony was started by a special entry of the newly wed with a Sword Bearer marching in and a serious momentum with respect and silent….pretty special.

Overall the ceremony flow is pretty smooth, especially after a few drinks from the crowd, they have more feedback and more attentive to the couple, we have a great time emceeing while watching the couple enjoyed being asked question and the crowd being entertertained by us.

The night end with a karaoke session and every one seems enjoying them selves while the bride was actually “drunk” and the groom has to stand alone to thanks goodbye everyone.
As for me, another satisfactory of achievement done and I hope I can have a chance to develop more exposure in emceeing again.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I ve got a BFF Gold Card!

Thanks Sandra for rewarding me this card.. Its an honour and i immediately frame it up in my blog here... Again this is my first time accepting a reward,hmmm.... thank you thank you... i love u ... LOL
Rules of the reward target :
1. Only 5 people are allowed to receive this award.
2. 4 of them are followers of your blog.
3. One has to be new to your blog and live in another part of the world.
4. You must link back to whoever gave you the award
So.. My BFF GOld Card Award goes to......
1.Sindut 2. Layne 3. Priscilla 4.Alexandro 5.Kate

Monday, September 08, 2008

Love Affair

The Love affair ~A super hyper pug breed dog like BABY had me screaming on all fours in our entired residence. I laugh out loud looking at her pictures because its was the caption of her trying to figure out how to destroy, escape and sometimes deep thought ( wonder what her little head thinking about ). She is Hilarious.. As they said" No Pain, No gain"What i gain is -Baby..A hall of fame puppy if there ever was one.

"BABY- u spark up my life"

Saturday, September 06, 2008

For the first time- I AM TAGGED

Not really,but my chinese name do have a meaning after the Quenn Dynasty of Song ( Hsiaoyin-Small Little Clever) konon ...

Ah~ just last 2 days, blogging for my last post "Letter to Brother Kent"

I have to like it no matter what, i am a translator , so i need to do a lot of writting, i better be like it man..

4. What is your favorite lunch meat?
Fish & chicken... Beef Ball, Tuna... also welcome

I wish i have one by now, but no i dont have .. ( i have a puppy though :P)

Of course, I am too good to be true, and good to be bullied at times...

Same as Sandra-Depends on the situation.


Yes, if i have a chance.

Banana Cereal "Post Brand"

No i dont...

I think i am not, but i am building it now...

My favorite is Youghurt Forest Berries @ Vedablu

The Small little movement, and communication style

Pinky please

My nose.. Real round like red nose reindeer

I think fo now i miss my brother... but when he is around i alwas fight with him...


Grey and no shoes

Ikan Basung with Thai dried Chilli.... cook by my hosuemate


Dewberry from Bodyshop

My mom

Yes, she is a cool mummy!

Men run ( 100,200m )


Dark brown

Yes, very much in need of them

Italian Food ( especially Salami ), Thai Food ( especially the spicy ones) and Desserts!

Happy Ending please...

Sex & The City

Grey Spaghetti Stripe


Hugs will do

Always Tiramisu / Choco Mousse



Just bought from Kinokuniya "All About Bangkok" & " Marley & Me" by John Grogan


I got No TV, i only watch TV when there is special occasions like Olympic...

Sound of Waterfall

Echo beatles!

Japan.. for student culture exchange.. I hope i can go further

Does Pen twisting count? I can do finger summersword and also twist 360degree.. sampai my teacher threw chalk at me.

Queen Elizabeth... KK

Everyone who reads my blog

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Letter To Brother Kent

Dear Kent,

I know it has been a tough month for you. Not because you are going to be far away from mom and dad. But because you had been pint pointed by everyone, for the fact that you have to admit the incompetence of your performance. Your behavior, attitude and action has present yourself as a matured yet tempermanner young man. Your dream and knowledge has present yourself as a vision and futuristic personality.

However, your "dare to Believe" has failed to surcum all your dreams. You are reluctant to step out from being protect, you are reluctant to move on because of you past performance, and you are dying to prove and to prove .... that you "CAN" to us. Kent, being the youngest and the only son, especially in a conventional family like ours, you are pressured to perform the best, and bring the scroll back for mom and dad. You are also being the most pampered and protected, as you are the shining star for them.

With all my heart, i just want to tell you, you existence has gave us joy and challenge, and your behavior has inherit the good of Limng.... Study as smart as you can, work as smart as you can, also explore as much as you can.

The best experience and knowledge is not only within what they have invest, but the real education is the "Surviving Skill" and you Emotional Intelligent to the ppl around the world. Leave you footprint everywhere you can, leave you memories everywhere you want; but always look back at your backyard... never forget your root and culture... never forget your family and ( auntie friends) ... most of all, never forget , those who give you hard time in Malaysia here.... Because once you remember them, you know at least they treat you better ( or worst) ... Spread your wing ...... and flip across the globe..... dive into deep sea, and find the truth...When you fall, stand up and walk straight.....

Never give up, Dare to Fail... Bon Voyage.... Brother Kent - left to switzerland at 3 35 am, 4th september 2008.

Love, Che Melissa

Saturday, August 30, 2008

51st years of independence

My thought :life begins at 50 hence this is the time to change. You will enjoy the glorious of being politically clean, clear and united multiracial "rakyat malaysia".revolution is coming to u. Good morning My beloved malaysia. Post at : 6 30am. Royal Domain condo, penthouse view.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Its friday baby!

I was getting ready to go for Merdeka Eve party and Baby the Pug look so sad. Saperation anxiety.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Return to the North Borneo

Shy to say... i am born bread from the west coast of Sabah ( North Of Borneo ) and yet, i did not take time to discover and appreciate how great the nature and wildlife of my own backyard is. well, even majority of sabahan doesnt exactly appreciate their gift of nature, knowing that tuorist came from the other side of the globe just to visit our "land below the wind"

This trip down to Sabah, beside having few important meetings, i have also took the challenge to join " Paddle or Die" motion act---The white water rafting ( Grade III & IV). Taking the challenge with me was Bil- my x-neighbour back in Bangsar Permai. This is a real adrenaline triggered ventures which Bil & i promised to each other that if i jump; he jump too, we made vows and promised, especially Bil, knowing he is going to get married next year, was worried like hell... (actually me too, may be i am getting old, activities like this sometimes freak me out..LOL)

Well, The journey will first take 1-½ hours overland to Beaufort town. From thereupon, we took a 45 min train rides tracks along the Padas River that gives glimpses of the thrills and excitement to come. all paraphenalia are left in the bus, we are left with nothing in hand, we ride through the oldest train in Borneo which passes through the once renowned headhunters' tribe (Murut).

Before the paddle, we were briefed by the Guide leader, who is a Bajau mix phillipine.His sense of humor and security gave everone a very clear picture on paddle safety, emergency self rescue, and the importance of guides command.

Now, after a half day tuor, we finally hook on the bumble bee boat, hang on to our paddle ( not me because i was sitting in the front row middle rank, which function as a safety belt and also sound provider (scream & shout ) .. hahaha )

These rapid carries amusing names such as Merry-Go-Round Rapid, Break Point Rapid, Scooby Doo Rapid, Cobra Rapid, Curve Rapid, Lambada Rapid and Head Hunter Rapid. Each rapid will give you the feel of the motion as what the name means. Splashhh~Splash~ Splash, we paddle, we fall and we drank so much of water...... however the teamwork, the scream of worries has turn out to be fun and joyess. .. In between time i still can chat with Bil, and ask his wish before he die, even the guide was COOL and CALM enough to share his experience with us.. haaa! its sooo sooo much fun and this really splash away my stress, sorrows and worries..

As usual, after paddling, the journey going back to KK was the most tiring and all of us slept like baby...During my journey back, i asked Bil, how does he feel..... he smile and answered :

" I will definitely come again for the next challenge!"

Friday, August 15, 2008

This lady Dancer I Met.....

I came across a forwarded mail on this spinning lady.. Can you see she is spinning clockwise or anti clockwise? Every movement of your brain, affects her spinning direction... i salute the person who create this animation.. its all about cognitive science test a the functionality of your left and right brain.

So here is the explaination :-
If you see her moving clockwise, then you’re using the creative side of your brain, that is the Right. Whereas, if you see her move anti-clockwise, then you’re using the logical part of your brain, that is the Left. Try look up again, see if she is still turning the same way...

I spent the whole nite figuring out how great this animation is....

May be you should use this to your kids, lets see which halve of their brain are more active.. are they more on creative or logic and anlytical person.

I think i am still more on a creative person... I m still not sure... but i think generally every one see it turning both side, as and whenever our brain is functioning according to situation around us...

Well, its time to sleep, so it should turn left i suppose...

Buona Notte!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

She is In love :)

Today is the 5th week of Baby's training, This little monster seems getting use to her training ground and started to familarize with her class mates and even Seniors...

So, before the class start, Baby been socializing around with other dogs and surprisingly she is behaving so good girl without even barking but just sniffing and wagging her tails to her friends.

"Hey, let me see if you are a hunk or a pretty"

So, Pacco ( another pug came along with his master and found out Baby has got a same face as him) so he started to check out Baby and started to sniff her all over... then, baby started to flirt with him and they chased after each other round the whole field... it was a laugh and funny scene to everyone.

"They were playing hunting game and ran throughout the whole field"

Can you see Pacco in this picture?? He is so macho and big :)

"Then.... they kissed~~~~"
I hope Baby can find her true love, she will learn along the journey .... she is just an adorable,cute, funny and sometimes "cunning" baby.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Malaysia -an upcoming Halal Hub for Muslim Countries

My blog has been quiet for quite a while... been b

usy searching for the right Halal certification channel in order to get things right from start...

However.... as we know, its not easy to a non-muslim to determine whats right or wrong especially in sensitive industry i.e: food and cosmetics.

In short, the latest update on Halal Certification Logo usage is authorize and appointed to a new Cooperation Named Halal Development Corperation (HDC), This corporation is wholly a separate entity with Jakim ( Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia ) ... however all authority and development, as well as enforcement has totally granted to HDC. further details, you can check on the website

For whatever reason i attended this course, it is definitely due to the market driven and the demand our muslim consumers. a 3 days course gave an understanding of what Syariah Law is all about, hence from my understanding, importing ingredient or any material from a muslim country doesnt mean that you are totally safe and approved by Malaysia Halal certification.

There are 4 School of Thought : Hanafi,Hanbali,Maliki and Shafie. So, in choosing your raw material, you have to understand the history of the country of Origin.However, i still really dont understand how to define something is HARAM or HALAL....

For example: TAPAI- is consider halal to JAKIM ( but it is intoxicating..! )

Ketam Batu (Ketam Paya) is haram (but a deep sea Crab is Halal)

Cuka ( Vinegar ) is Halal ( but the ingredient of Vinegar is made of fermentation alcohol)

Well, this is just a part of the module.. how bout GMP( genetically Modified Product ?) like Tomato or Corn breed which was injected on animal base by fastening , enhance their growth.

Scientifically proven : Emulsifier , Gelatin and even Additive majority are consist of non-halal animal base ingredient... so i think in order to venture into HALAL industry, it is definitely a challenge for us.

Among my collegues whom attended the course are from Unilever ( cosmetics and Food), Etikadiaries ( condensed milk), LSG ( formerly Airline Mas caterer) and TITON ( an MNC whon produce pp chemical for packaging industries)

I know this is somehow insignificant to non-muslim consumers, however looking at the percentage of Halal consumers in Malaysia and even expand to ASEAN countries, in is no doubt at least 60% market share has driven me to attend this course.

For those whom are not familiar with the Malaysia HALAL issue, above mention are the giz of HALAL requirement for food industry. It might bore you though, but i believe majority of the Muslims in malaysia are still unaware of Syariah Law policy and procedure MS1500:2004.

Monday, July 14, 2008

I learnt Programming

13 July 08, today is second weekend and its another exciting day for Baby.. its her second session of trainning.Most of Baby classmate arrived today but 2 of them absent, may be due the master saturday nite fever the day before.

"Do you think Jessica Alba Train her Pug?"

Today learning module:

1) sit your dog in a correct way- always say"sit" and adjust your dog to sit correctly at you left.Always use a standard command to your dog "sit" for the position of sitting correctly on ur left.

2) "heel" means forward while tapping ur left tigh and proceed with left leg first while walking along with your dog. so, start with left leg and finish with left leg..

3) "About turn" is the turning position while walking with your dog. always start ur turning with left foot as ur dog is always alert and imitating ur direction with his closest source.. left foot.

4) caling your dog to "come", praise and reward. --this is easy to Baby, anyone who calls her she will wag her tail and forwad to you. However, this is another training module for today.

5) last but not least, the hardest one which is to command your dog "down".. most dog dont understand what their master want so what we have to do is to assist them by pishing their whole body down to the floor and then when they soften down, and on the floor, reward them.

Here are some pictures on Baby's senior, most of them are at agility and novice level.. Baby is newbies.. she will need to pratice harder to cope up with them.
Now i know, human body system can be programme according to our lifestyle, now even dog can be programmed... :)

A dog down position is veyr important as it is a way to calm your dog in order not to attack or disturb others.

Monday, July 07, 2008

BABY first day to school!

Fig 1: Training session of Novice
Fig 2: Mr Khoo ( Founder) briefing the Novice dogs.

Sunday morning, as usual she woke up early and waited for me outside my bedroom. with her folded face and long bootilicious body, she yawn and wack her tail once i open my door. Its Sunday! and its your first School day!

Baby will have her first " puppy Obedience training" today. I am more excited ever as finally i found a master to potty train her as well as the correct way to tame this little monster.

So, off we go to Ampang Jaya and once we reach the training ground... Oh dear, its a heavan for all dogs! its the place for them to hang out, make friends, socialize and even share food! i couldnt be more excited then ever.. even Baby, being an Apartment Dog, she is totally a" Jakun" and start barking to the BIG BROTHER but at the same time her butt still lying down on me, trying to tell the others that, " HEY! MY MAMA IS HERE, DONT U C"... all other dog are so tame, and obedience... they just look at BABY.... and turn over as .. BABY is totally not a threat to them at all.. HAHAHA

I couldnt take much pictures as they are too many dogs and i was just to engross with how obedient is the novice, and senior dogs are...

However, for the first day training, this is what i learn:-

1) the best time to train your puppy is when there are 3 months old, just right after they are away from their mummy.

2) Dog doesnt understand any language, beside their own name.. so dont waste time scoldng, yelling or screaming to your dog... sign language or gesture or signal is the best to communciate with ur dog. ( then add on with your intonnation of your voice)

3)Always use a choke chain so ur dog knows that u meant business with she/he, some dogs are too smart to handle and they turn cunning to trick you at times. ( like BABY)

4) Walk with your dog on your left always, side by side... not in front or behind... always walk side by side with your dog. ( especially during training )

5) always prepare treats in your pouch.. so you are ready for any accident ( poo) or treats for your dog.

After a 2 hours environment stroll, and 1 hour of real trainning, BABY totally exhausted , she slept the whole day till night, without even know we left her home alone for that night.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Good Bye my friend

Dear Akiko,

Perhaps this is just a mail to express my anxiousness on you leaving the country. The anxious is not meant for you, its the situation that driving you away from Malaysia and back to your hometown, Japan.

I remember the good old days with you, the KATAKANA & KATAKANJI tuition that i was so much into, the Yoga session with our "beloved" Samantha, and even the great night out Bulldog, Karaoke, and movie at my house "Damansara Perdana" , i even remember the BOn Odori in Shah Alam, all these... all these activities, has made colours rainbow in my life.

I know you have found "LOVE"... and i can see it in your eyes, the past few days coffee was strong enough to let me analyze you. You are half Malaysia.. you still need the wax and threading, you still need the malay "kah" and "bah" in the end of you toungue... You still a down to earth , sweet and strong woman inside you.

Kana is lucky to have you, i sincerely wish both of you will ring the wedding bell as soon as possible.. so i get to chance to visit you in Japan again.

Akiko, you and Elaine has been a wonderful sisters for me. Now we have reach the corss road for the better of our life. I wish you all the best, all the hapiness and most of all, good health at all time.

Sincerely Yours,


Monday, June 23, 2008

Baby! you drive me nuts!

Pug can sleep average 14 hours a day... ( and they snore louder then a man)

Its about my friend's little pug "Baby" again... , I have been baby sitting Baby for the past one week. Some how or rather, this little monster has really tested my patient..we have a total love hate relationship... but yet, through the process of tolerating her as a "puppy", i try my level best to blen into her world.

Baby and me is very much in love, she is very attach to me, she always has her eyes on me wherever i go in the house, she likes to feel me, by having at least a touch of my skin on her.. when i cook, she sleep on my feet; when i walk, she followed behind; when i m blogging, she sleeps in between my tigh.. and when i sleep in my room, she sleeps outside my door... its like, we can never be separated..

I m in the process of Potty training her...every morning i wake up at 5am just to acompany her to loo, then 7 30 am wake up again for her poo.. Baby is my first dog training process, i m so engross in her process of development, however, day by day she dissapointed me... every morning i wake up with a new hope that she can break the record for automatically poo & loo herself at the potty spot. I m still trying, and still monitoring her, i know this is hard as i m pretty occupied with my work in factory... now i know, its not easy to be a mom.. this is just a puppy, what more a human...

Baby has been the greatest joy for me now, she is always welcoming me with her cute little curly whipping tail, and always look at me as if she understand how i feel inside me. I know she is just a puppy, and i know she is taking a lot of my time.. but she is wonderful.. she gave me the sence of belonging and she gave me the sence of love and need to each other..

She loves going out with me, and laying on my pillow.

Baby is more then a puppy to me, she has the closest sence of humanity. She tries very hard to indentify my feeling sometimes, anger, happy, praise, cry and even potty time. She seldom bark, but she uses a crying tone to communicate her needs and wants.. which i think is the best tectic to win anyones heart..

Now, her fown fur is getting smoother... she walks like a celebrity anywhere she goes and most of all, before her Papa comes back, i want her to learn the manner of potty right place. I feel the sence of achievement...i realize, everything needs effort and time.. and most of all, LOVE... that drives all impossible to reality.

Baby~ lets make this happended with me.. you are more then a puppy!