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Sunday, October 03, 2010

My 1Malaysia Story

When I read about an article of a wonderful comment about "1Malaysia really exist in Sabah".Me too has got some impressive experience that gave the best example for the humankind.,

My grandfather past away on the 14th May 2009. After few years of struggling with his sickness,God finally accepted him and thus he pass away peacefully at the age of 88. The funeral was held in a Chinese traditional procedure at the funeral parlor in Kota Kinabalu ( Fook Luk Siew, Jalan Tuaran ). 7 days of mourning, family, relatives and friends came and paid their last respect to our late grandpa.

As we are an originally mix family, our relatives mostly speaks in Bahasa.Nontheless, some of them, the older generation even still with their Sarung and red Plum on their lips. They are the natives (Bajau, Dusun or Kadazan).Out of my surprise, they even walk in to the parlour, near to the coffin of my late grandpa and give him a precious respect. They were no barrier, even they have to lit up the joystick, give a traditionally 3 respectful bow, they did it with all their heart. My tears drop as I never see such touching scene in my life before, there is no boundary in any culture nor religion when LOVE is the main element in an individual.

Few days later, My cousin in law Charmaine and her mom, came visit Late grandpa. As I saw her putting on her veil (with tudung) , I actually give a gesture that she doesn’t need to enter if she don’t feel comfortable. And again out of my expectation, they walk in, give him a 3 last respectful bow and never feel even awkward at all.. Wow.. this is amazing and touching.. and this is what I called 1 Malaysia! Does cultural, religion, or even race count? No. totally not, and I am proud of my 1Malaysia family…

"Charmaine Che Che & her Mom and Aunty, chilling after the last respect "

Please share with me more sabahan story of 1 malaysia. I bet we can outshine others J

Sabah rocks !