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Monday, December 28, 2009

The 2 love bird

Pacco and vicky is d first pair of pug i have that love each other so much. Unseparable,and caring for each other. .

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Real Meaning Of Chirstmas

Imagine on Christmas day~

  • You have to report to your job, as all you subordinates are waiting for your answers.
  • Customers are waiting to obtain their product as you have to be ready for pick up.
  • You losing you love ones...
  • You calling off a nice party...
  • You can only have a contemporary Christmas ( party to countdown) instead of a traditional meaningful one( Nice family dinner )

So maybe that's the real meaning of Christmas. Maybe its about giving away what's real hard to give, or maybe bringing the world together and sharing the traditions?

Yeah.. i think that's maybe the meaning of Christmas. Maybe...

Merry Christmas to all...

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sono stanco- i am tired

Ah..buona notte- good night.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Anything is Possible

Ever since the beginning of my little Alpha Project...time flies that, my fear, my inconfidence and my worry has overcome eventually...

Sometimes i thought it is impossible to handle this, or i shall insane dealing with this little monsters..its like a daily big burden that i need to deal with the unessacary problems and behavior,and i have pass it and immune with it.

This is the person that amazed me.. he carry 60kg of food up to Laban Rata everyday.. I am glad that i took his picture. he carried it up and get his pay.. come down the same day cause the wife is waiting for him to come home for dinner.

I am glad that i have gone this far.. and still being enthusiast with i am dealing with. I thought i may give up.. but i still love them.. The cause and effect.. and living in The "NOW" of their behavior.. creates my thought of a Philosophy of Buddha living..

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Pugs~ My Inspiration

I use to stay alone and always looking forward for weekends to go out window shopping and enjoy coffee with friends.
As i started my project Alpha.. Puppy Central, i spent every corner of my free time trying to improve my skill, by providing better environement for these bunch of lucky furkids..eventually, they become the lucky one who posses me.. they own me...:)
the wrinkle on their head shows how concern they are towards my daily activity, where i go, who i meet today and when am i coming home...sometimes sam ( my staff) use to scold them tremendously due to their disrespecful behavior just to get over something they want... this is funny... however.. they are so driven by food ( treats)... this can really rule ther head...
my three lovely pugs.. (Vicky) known as victoria Beckham as she really loves to lay down on the couch and act relax... (Baby) as the naggy pot as she only stays on her own all the time and donest like distraction of nuisance.. well last but not least ( Paco) the alpha male.. that bark through the wall just to get what he wants... and usually he wants Vicky.. haha

Resting time...

Playing time with Pacco D handsome ... assistant Manager. * By the way he has been promoted, and pass his probation period... his marketing skill is good, he attracted many sexy gals walk in to my shop ! *

My Pacco D Handsome.. always look proud of himself... Humorous and silly... He is the kind of guy that live in the "NOW" ... he tend to forget everything after trainning.. all the time.. all his mind is only about "HUMPING".. the male instinct...

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Kiss of love

Some tiny moment during the day care of my day. A golden retriever kissing a tiny terrier. .

The dog that inspire my passion.

She empathy the hardship i put, the effort i ve thrown.. And most of all the exhaustion i feel. She- the great

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Red Tea Cup Poodles

Reddy The red nose, brown eyes.. female poodle.. perfectly healthy with 2nd vaccination and microchipped.
Side Plank Of Reddy... and being the naughty one between the sister, i guess she is the smarter one compare to the black nosy...

On the other hand, her sister Black Nosy.. is quiet, gentle and calm.. she is very soft and really worth to be loved and giving love type of puppy.
I try giving her a hair punk look so she doesnt look so bullied ... however, she is still a "space Out" little baby...
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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Day I exploded ~

I need a change... i ve been grooming dogs and dogs and dogs....from curly to straight, soft to coarse and matted hair... finally its my own hair that i need to manage... its been too long, to flat and too much .. ( like a mop... you know.. the floor mop i mean?)

So i went to the best saloon in town, as this is my first hair perm... so it better be good... and they were 4-5 staff attacking my hair cause it was too thick and heavy... and when the perming starts... this is how it looks... ( Transformer revolution)

The guy who did my hair was a young chao with a fashionable look, perhaps he must be thinking why is this woman so "Jakun" never have digital perm before? Well.... it took me 3 hours of waiting and i can imagine how does it feel with a helmet on your head for 3 hours... its so heavy ..

Lets take a closer look, i really look like transformer.... the bad one though, not the bumblebee...

And finally this is how it looks...they call it digital big wave perm....

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

So torn

I am really stuck.... tearing myself off with my love, passion and of course commitment...

I love my family, my man ... i love my job, i love my friends and of course my pet...

In life, love is unconditional, dont expect any in return.... just give when you can, just receive when you are given...

I am craving for a support, an emotional support.... that i can never be obtain from the person i love the most....

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pawsitive Starts

3 mosqueteers, Vicky, Pacco and Chow Chow ... has went through a tough time with me to complete the export permit in Kuala Lumpur. I thought i was the only one who loves pug to extereme, i was even more engross and surprise with other pug owners love to their pet.. PUGS.. :)

Today i want to pdate on Pacco, the macho Pug whom is the Brother of Baby ( my Pug) , they are surprisingly from the same father and only i batch later. which is the Inherit of Glodstar Beauty - by Take Bozo. ( thailan Champion). Pacco is smart, handsome and macho.. almost similar charater with Baby, but more independent and of course, still as cute as the sister!

He couldnt really remember me when i kept calling him Paco~ he was just busy sniffing around after such a long time he needs to gallop as much as he can.. so before he went bongkus with Vicky, i caught him for a good bath.. he is big bastard .... that is heavy and enjoy bathing so much!

An off he went playing with Vicky....

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Life~ take it or leave it

Finally i have a chance to sit down and spend some time in front of my computer... It has been a hectic week... shopping for goods, bring new members to the vet dapartment for export permit, and taking care of Paco and Vicky... my two new family Pug members.

Sometimes, the motivation in life is driven by our love ones ( be it family, partner, or even friends) , however...when energy runs down and depression raise... there are times we just need to break down and cry, and relieave... close up ourselve in a black gloomy room, and think what we gonna do next...

I have enough of dogs for the week, and i need some communication ... i mean realy human communication...

Gosh... please talk to me :(

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

He is my bro.

Kent arrived with exactly same shirt, same bag, and same style...
Benvenuto A Sabah, Kent..


Dingo been alone since the past few days.when he sees us. The excitement in him re just shootin high n he wable and run to us like a little hamster. She will be home soon.

New Blog Entry

Hi all,

My new blog entry
Kalo Senang, jenguk jenguk lah kio...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Jealousy sickness

Baby has not been well lately.. she has non stop discharge from her eyes and the sparks in her eyes were totally gone.. I know she was feeling down due to the attention everyone given to Pugsly.. However, to me she is still the part of my life... :) Now lets see her progress in canine tricks game

She has another side of her eyes squeening and i know it is a little swallen. She had non stop discharge from both her eyes and they are just not sparkling anymore.

However, she still perform all her daily trainning and do her tricks as per command... It took less then 15 minutes anyway....

Stay ... ON treats

Play Dead

Shake Hand to strangers ( as per command only)

And lastly "Take a Bow to you"

Happy weekend to all my friends :)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pugsly Progress II

Pugsly has grown very fast, from a little baby to a little naughty boy, and he started to understand he is the youngest in the pack. Despite being the youngest, as a male pug he loves galevanting around with Spot, discovering new things and play rought with Baby...

Along the trainning, i have concertrate more on his "roll over" posture because of his soft and long body. This is what his progress... with the lure of treats of course :)

Hope this doesnt lag too much... and i m blogging with the wind blowing off my head.... God job Pugsly !

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Disastress ~

Dear All,

Nothing much i could spread no more... I ve load it in facebook, and i ve load it in my fowarded mail... And here i load it again... Please just take care of yourself and your love ones...

( and just heard about Jakarta Bombing this Morning:(..... ) Another disaster by human kind.

Usually, there are various symptom before the disaster happend. If you have pet, check their behavior, dog digging underground, earth rat came out from the ground, your fish trying to squeeze to one side of the aquarium, your cat is miawing non-stop .... and Insects starts coming out galevanting in your living room....

I Kiasi??? or I kiasu.... hahahaha ... ciao people

Monday, July 06, 2009

Pugsly Progress

He has a very smoky and sleepy eyes.. deep wrinkle fold, flat nose with a gloomy look all the time. The first day he was shivering, but day after day he is becoming brave and naughty. Yes, he is a male pug that i just discover he is so mischevious and aggresive.. a very important Good Canine Citizen should imply on him... for now, he is just a little Baby, so he is excusable to do what he want...

He sleeps in a basket and look at the picture below and you know where is he located?

This is my temporary study table.. and guess where is pugsly?

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Welcoming The Arrival Of Pugsly!

I have been waiting anxiously to received the arrival of Pugsly from Yogyakarta yesterday. He is a male pug litter that is only 3 months old. He is just another cartoon pug, like my BABY-The Pug.

Pugsly arrived in my arm shivering to be let go from me. He is very much in Puppy toddler stage and he himself is excited to reached the new home! Pugsly is healthyly arrived and beeing introduced by me to both the monsters.. they are just curious and strange towards Pugsly as both these two dogs of mine( Spot & Baby ) has never been big sisters before.

I Unload Pugsly on the floor slowly~ and both the monster jack up their sniffing gadget....

Pugsly was so nervous that all his paws, hair and even ears shows the sign of fear...

Spot :" Hey Baby, this little one really looks like you man~"

Baby :" You mean i really look that ugly?"

Spot: " Yeah man, you just check his nose, his wrinkle and his eyes out.. like a monster!" but your tongue still longer though, and you have a diamond shape on your head."

Baby:" Oh man, he is so ugly and cute"

Baby Constantly analyzing Pugsly. Perhaps she never has anyone smaller then her in the house, and most of all she gets all the attention all the time. There are 2 possibilties of Baby upcoming behavior, either her motherly instinct will reveal and she will take care of pugsly like a big sister, or she will just become a bully since she is just jealous of Pugsly.Since she is spayed, her hormone doesnt affect her behavior, so i am monitoring what will be her next behavior towards Pugsly.
Pugsly is warmly welcomed by the Puppy Central Family and he is going to received the LTC till the day he find a new owner.

Friday, June 12, 2009

New trick

This is a new trick baby learnt today. Kept a treat on her head till you approve . . She looks so funny

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

You Rock Baby !

Baby with her "Best Of Breed" Ribbon Certificate.

Some what funny and relief, despite waited for so long at the back stage, finally both me and baby has got a chance to come out for a stroll. Baby was totally new to Show competition, all her agility and obedient trail wasnt useful here.. however.. she has the least hair, and shortest of them all.....

Dog Show is like a beauty contest, every dog shows their best groomed scene. Due to lacking of experience, we came with "Nothing", not even comb, not even a single grooming utensils. So we just sit aside and watch others busy with their grooming.....

Judge ( Mr Thomas Lim) gave Baby a body check, and then request us to strolled a round at ring 2.... then he handed a ribbon to me and Baby and whisper "Congratulations", i didnt prepare for anything.. however i m happy for baby that she won "Best Of Breed" for the show...

With that ribbon, we walk off the Doggie walk way, in exhaustion, hungry and happy mode... Lets go baby.. i know you would rather be a happy, simple, kampung dog with Spot Spot..

As we were home, Spot welcome us with the waggiest tail. Baby was so happy to meet her best friend... and immediately they roll on each other to play tug of war...

Good Baby.... you Rock! ....

Is somebody Out There?

I ve been searching... searching for a reason to live, and searching for a strenght to give...

I ve been hunting.... hunting for the best of myself, and make my prey a worth hunting one..

I ve been crying... and crying for the good reason, crying for happyness,and sadness...

I ve been howling, i howl for loneliness ... and to see if somebody out there can re-call

Friday, May 29, 2009

Birthday Night with Sis Juli

It was suppose to be a surprise dinner but news was broken by mom at noon..

However we still give her a surprise birthday cake., rich chocolate sponge cake that adds more layer on our waist...

Some funny pictures taken while waiting for our main course...

Prisc on the go.. after a hectic life in KL... back for chilll.....


Monday, May 18, 2009

I have started a new post

Dear cousins and friends,

I have started a new post more spefically about canine obedient trainning and pet care...
drop by if you passion came in line with me

Ah Kong -Rest In Peace

My grandpa, the "The hunguan Siu" for Inanam Kiansom, an influencial businessman that came out with ideas and ideas over the years.... With his 85 years of strenght and determination to stay longer, Now, he chose to rest and be rest forever in a more comfortable zone together with my grandma Tutong Loijin...
Some Daisy flowers for Ah kong, namely from Tamparuli Hokkien Association, Harley Davidson Group ( sabah tuorism), Mr Emiliano and others....

A long list of Lim family tree for Ah kong..

Down: my father ascoting "Lao Ko"approaching to pay ah Kong a last visit...

The sorrow in them, and the sadness is hard to describe. They are Ah kong's sister...

This is the beauty of our family, even relatives with other religion came visited us without any barrier...

My last words to Ah kong:" Ah kong... life has been kind to all of us, for having you as our Lim's family leader and founder... together with Ah Ma you built a strong foundation and family tree and create legendary in all our hearts... on the 14 May 2009, you were called upon by God to join Ah ma in a better planet.... called Heavan... you have fight enough and you have pass on the battle accordingly... Ah kong.. you are forever the "HunguanSiu" in my heart..." Rest In Peace....

Sunday, April 05, 2009

The appearance of Man's Best Friend

I walk pass Foh Sang and Hilltop Housing while having a jog with Baby-The Pug early morning yesterday. As we were jogging along the housing main road, plenty of dogs were miggling around outside their house, perhaps owners let them out for some release...then suddenly 1 particular black dog( perhaps its a mix kampung retriever) ,with big paws and long deep muzzle came running towards us with a grin on his eyes a fierce look on Baby ( grrrr~ who on earth are you to step on our territory??), then it started to sniff around Baby...when he actually found out that we are not Harmful and just a passer by, he started to wiggle his tail and feeling to play with us... I thought dogs were naturally friendly with 20% human instact.. they are more then happy if you are able to calm them down and communicate through body language and simple words of command. Hence, i let Baby play with this (Blacky- i call it for a while)..

I suppose Baby wasnt the best well trained dog, however, due to the environment she grew up, in a trap small apartment and limited running space in KL, she was trained to understand her responsibilties, dos and dont and even be obedient i.e: less barking, potty correctly and~~ stop chewing shoes! i remember she chewed all my teddy bear in KL and even the biggest one she was trying to drag it down!....

Puppy/ or canine behavior trainning, is historically to be used for hunting , police force, fighting for protection and even leading the blinds. Nowadays, dogs had become mens best friends, womans companion and even, shows for children.... As we in Sabah having dogs arund the Taman or sometimes seeing carcass of dogs on the road are common scenario, this were infact a serious issue for metropolitan City like Kuala Lumpur, authories "put wild dogs to sleep" thats sounds cruel but yes it is true....

Basically to have a dog, they do need a basic obedient trainning.. not particularly to perform or anything but to listen to owners command and instructions... Some people naturally has a communication bond with their dogs, especially the watch dogs or the sporty type... that these group of dogs really do sacrifice for them... however vice versa, they are also behavioral problems dogs that barks non-stop at night, scartches al over their owners car, or even bite their owners, these group of dogs are mostly companion dog( in house) or Toy dogs ( manja Dog i mean) .Dog behavior trainning can make an enormous difference in our dogs life....

Have you watch the Movie Marly and Me by Jennifer and Owen Wilson?

Or Hotel For Dogs?

oh dear, these are the movies that really infuse dogs huminity to us especially to kids... Non muslim society like Japan, Taiwan, Needless to say europes... are treating dogs as FURKIDS...Perhaps for us is still unacceptable....however, when you are in situation that is so down or anger... they silently understand you and emphaty your feeling, just like any best friend does...

Ok OK enough of DOGS.... i am allocating 1 hour for Baby-The Pug Flyball trainning this sunday at my Taman basketball court... if you do need some behavioral trainning for your dog, let me try if i can help you out with this :).. free consultation, Chin do come by if you are in KK. I m sure your pug Blacky will be happy to meet Baby..

Cheers...for the weekend...