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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Thank you B2.0 2010

I remember when i first met Laura Tommy, the organizer of I didn't know much about Social Media Networking, its scope and even the insights of Sabahan Bloggers.

Ever since B2.0 which was successfully held last year. I am very much involve in blogging, online media publishing and even using apps that helps on self branding for the purpose of public relation and reaching out loud.

Last 2 weeks, i have an honour to be the emcee for the launching of SABAH Division on the largest PC fair in Malaysia. PIKOM PC FAIR. I was also the emcee for their 25th anniversay regional launch ceremony. I was absolutely my pleasure, thank you.. Jiayee @ Fishy Tiong, Kay Yi from Extinc Exhibition as well as Grace from PIKOM for trusting in my ability.

I was nervous , as i never host an official launching especially being attended by VVIP from ministry or Professional Corporate companies. I am more of a Sabahan vocalist that speaks, with the Sabahan slang and of course, sometimes with Sabahan funny gesture. Oh Well, thats me.

Thank God, the butterfly in my stomach was calm enough and i was first astonished by a little gesture of an elegant lady, giving me a thumbs up for starting with a smile. She is the IFCA
(SABAH) General Manager; and as i speak along, i saw Datuk Yee Mo Chai ( the Minister of Information & Technology Sabah, giving me an acknowledgement smile for welcoming the crowd " Selamat Datang ke SABAH dan Salam 1 Malaysia" following by the kadazan welcome "KOPIVOSIAN".

After the welcoming speech by the President of PIKOM, En. Shaifubrahim from KL, this PIKOM PC fair some what linked me to B2.0 media dialogue. So i responded to the president before inviting Datuk Yee Mo Chai and emphasized to him that :

" YES, WE SABAHAN ARE VERY MUCH INTO SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORKING, ESPECIALLY ON FACEBOOK, LINKED IN, TWITTER, BLOGGING AND you name it; all we need are proper set up of infrastructure, especially to out reach the villages in Sabah, then education comes in,"

and wallah, this sentence triggered the crowd, and i was shocked that even Datuk Yee, rephrased my terms.. and he explained that how much fund was allocated to reach out on CSR
( Corporate Social Responsibility), to build infrastructure to the village school for computer facilities as well as setting up computer classes for the schools.

I reflect back... and i know B2.0 gives an impact not only to me, but to a lot of you out there to develop what you desire. Your networking, business, research, even your own publicity.

Thank you B2.0 ; for putting me a step ahead in Social Media Networking.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Celebrating with a Cause ~ Twestival 2011!

I am just so excited and happy knowing the result of fund raised through yesterday Twestival event at Origin and Green Olives cafe at Karamunsing Capital.
. the amount comes up to
RM 22532.50 !

This shows how supportive the locals are and how pro active the generation Y of East Malaysian are.. of course.. plus plenty of Borneon Orang Putih.. ( we love you guys :) ) helping out and contributing in making this event a success !

I wouldn't want to talk much about it.. as the official website has already mentioned on the purposes of Twestival. Visit for more detail a
bout this event.

However, some good pictures to laugh and ender about...beautiful , great, amazing and genuine people of Sabah.. you name it.. :) Enjoy !
Without them, this wouldnt be a smooth and success event! Kudos to committee !

Good performance by local talent..
and the blind

Attractive and colourful mural by Uncle anonymous.. good job done !

Variety of products for auction! choose your taste bud! all bidding goes charity.
See! told you :) Dont ask me who they are.. they are taken anyway.. :) by some powerful local chics :)

and of course for the guys....

Braving yourself up on stage, is already kind enough to woo the girls...

An eager and cheerful event.. ends with successful fund raising.. Kudos to twestival KK 2011, see you in 2012 !

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I lost him ;But I Found Tranquility -KABULONGOU- Part 2

Instruction For freedom

Life's metaphors are God's instruction

The day is ending. Its time for something that was beautiful
to turn into something else that is beautiful. Now, let go.

Your wish for resolution was a prayer,
Your being here is a God response. Let go,
and watch the stars come out--
on the outside and on the inside.

With all your heart, forgive him, FORGIVE YOURSELF,
and let him go.

When the past has passed from you at last, let go. Then climb down and begin
the rest of your life. With great joy.


In this 3 tier Splashing Kobulongou waterfall, punching on my back as if God is punishing me,
i shut my eyes and said... "Dear Lord, please show me everything i need to understand, about forgive and surrender."

I almost stand there and cry right then,but quickly realized that i didn't need to. Tears are part of this bodily life, and the place where these two souls were meeting that night had nothing to do with the body.

A blue souls that already understand everything... let go..

( This is a 5 months back story and today i finally have the guts to put it in words, i finally learnt to LET GO.. )

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wisdom Learnt While Fishing at Mengalum Open Sea

Mengalum island is located off the South China Sea is well regarded by Sabahan locals and its tourists alike for its sandy beaches and crystal blue water.The deep blue sea is rich in marine life, plankton and natural wonders. A fishing trip at the Mengalum exposes such as amber jacks, barracudas, bill fish, groupers, mackerel, marlin, sailfish, snappers, yellow fin tuna, mahi mahi and more.

Sunset View at Mengalum Sea

On one fine day, my good buddy Sir Luciano (everyone calls him Italian Papa) has arranged a deep sea fishing in Mengalum sea. Two of us, yes … just the two of us with his Fiber Boat Camelia2.We depart from Sutera Harbour Marina Resort at 8.30am sharp, just to catch the good weather condition.

It took us almost one hour to get to Mengalum, another 1 hour to spot for good fishes zone and another hour to wait for results.

I have always been an anxious characteristics person. So, since Papa is more enthusiast in fishing, he prepared all the rod, putting on bait such as little prawns and small fishes, hook them at the rod holder at every angle of the boat; and then we waited patiently.

At one point there is no result, papa would passionately maneuvering the boat, chilling with his drinks and little sandwiches while waiting for his “fruitful result”. As for me, the suspense almost kill me, my patience was wearing thin, and anger was building up, being under the hot sun, I was almost at the point of eruption.

Suddenly, Papa’s fishing rod was pulling him forward and as usual sandwiches and drinks all on the ground and this is only what I hear at this point of time :-

Dai.. Dai .. Dai. Cicio dai, va bene, va bene, perfetto ! Bravo ! Bravo! Opss .. Mammamia

and SPLASH !”

Which I can attempt to translate to :-

Come on….Come on… Come on Fatty come on,

OK,OK ,Perfect, Well done! Well done! Opss and oh my Go

and.. And Splash !"

Papa .. Happily with his fish..

And there it is a big groupers was on hooked! After the first catch, the rest became queue, excitement continued and in just less then 2 hours, our cold bucket has filled up with plenty of fishes.

Even unhooking the Garoupa need a skill !

Certain fish is poison that we are not suppose to intact with them

Of course, I didn't get a fish every time I throw my rod and wait, but in all, a good vibes and positive patience attracts fishes. Papa caught more then 10 fishes that afternoon. Throughout this experience, as frustrating as it was, I found out that something new will always be a challenge but I should never give up if I don't excel immediately. I learned that to be skillful in an art of any kind I must push myself through a disappointing performance and continue until I conquer the new art of patience.

Each step I take forward instead of giving up, will take me closer to achieve my goals of success in life. And of course, one other important thing I learned is that, practice makes perfect !

For more details on amateur or pro night fishing, please browse through

Sunday, March 06, 2011

I lost him ;But I Found Tranquility -KABULONGOU- Part 1

For some close friends who have been following what i was up to... it has been a jagged period for me during the past few months. No, not the jungle trail and the rocky stream, but the tired soul and turning point in life that i have to deal with.. Closing another chapter and opening a new chapter again...Anyway, i replace this lost by trying to find my tranquility.Physically i am so strong that i want to fight with the wild boar if i see any in the interior of the jungle while doing my fam trip assignment. I was so ready, that i felt there is nothing else i can do but to release my anger to the wild. Indeed, i found KABULONGOU... yes KA- BU- LO- NGOU, the hidden waterfall seems conveying his message to me. So, here i was inspired to write about this hidden waterfall...

To make it short, this hidden waterfall is located far deep inside Kg. Saliku, Nabawan. More details of Nabawan HERE. We drove on a muddy and slippery road for about 30 minutes, and our boat were laying behind the truck .. further with almost 20 minutes raft to the trail starting point.

Murutian are famous with their boat making skills, what more handling their boat with passion and care, it seems, the boat is more significant then their life..Well, pictures speaks a thousand words.. here are some photos i took during my expedition with the Murutian.

Carrying the boat down to the stream using their buffalo strength has already triggered my concern. Look at the rocky path and the slippery stone.. i was just wondering if this raft is going to work!

And then, they asked me to sit in the boat and they said
" Jaga-jaga Kau, duduk tengah -tengah yia" which interprets to
" Becareful OK, and sit in the middle"

WHAT?? Does that mean they are not coming in with me??!
and yes, they will be out side in the rapid maneuvering the boat ..!
This is the kind of raft that is absolutely strange to me, it wasn't the one at PADAS RIVER which i use to raft together with my team mates before !

Below: This is Rezon- to him this rapid is just a water splash, ensuring my camera did not get wet is his priority, even though i told him my camera is waterproof, yet he still insist in making his job well done.

This two musketeers are Pailin and Johanis, they are playful and keep teasing me on boat capsized incident.. instead of worrying and listening to their boat captain,they seems enjoying the water more then anyone else.

And yes, these are the two commanders, Uncle Lapan and Amilik. Everyone listen to them so the boat don't collide to the stone around the rapid.

Challenges ahead.....

And splash ! and paddle and splash and paddle (only with a small wooden paddler)

I was just shouting and closing my eyes.. when i see this big stone ahead of our boat.. and i can only hear Uncle Amilik shouted " Pasioki ! Pasioki ! " in Murut language which literally means
" Hurry! Hurry!"

Finally, we made it... and across the point is the starting trail to the hidden water fall...
So, this is where it begins...

A journey to Tranquility......

I end here for my dinner break .... be back for Part II

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Her First Attempt in Sabah... Asia indeed

Today, i finally told her... " You need a to live life Sabahan, eat like a Sabahan and behave like one either ; stop being homesick! and yes i m going to bring you out tonight !"

So there goes the story of a new girl i met from The Hague, Natherlands, Yes she is Mounia, some of you may have met her..... i am gossiping here. No, i am not a back poker ... but i am really concern.

When someone comes to Sabah and feel homesick ! That means this girl haven't seen the real Sabahan yet.. ( if you agree with me.. please click like :)... anyway you can. LOL)

So Mounia is a mix Moroccan/Dutch girl i met lately, reckon she chose Sabah as her internship destination, i suppose she is some one who loves sun, sea and beach, as well as rain forest jungle like Sabah. Well, i was wrong.

Nonetheless in any circumstances, i am planning to slowly letting her exploring Sabah, getting to know and falling in love, as much as i am concerned.. the thrill is.... no turning back and stay put and move ahead !

So here is my plan for her:

1) Sun, sea and beach
2) Jungle and wildlife
3) people and culture/indigenous and livelihood
4) Local community service/study on socio economic of Sabah
5) Night life and Pub
6) Romance and Love
7) Sports and Out door adventure

( Tell me if i miss out something ...)

So i started bringing her to STARBUCKS... yeah .. a globally well known luxurious coffee, and yes she loves it .... :), So i told her, life is all about Eat,Play,Laugh ( instead of Eat, Pray, Love), you have to experience what a local coffee is, and what a local livelihood should be without luxury,

And of course, she met Baby too! my best buddy!

During our trip last week, a community capacity development project in Kudat, gave Mounia and eye opener to the beauty of Sabah. With the abundance of natural resources and the beauty of handmade handicrafts by our local community, i can sense that she is starting to appreciate what Sabah really is, this is where the tribal and origins of natural resources came....
and look at her here, amazed by the handmade handicraft made
by the local woman, and i wasn't sure how much she end up contributing :)

Being part of the community project officer, she has to experience not just the beauty of Sabah but also the culture and origins of livelihood in the local community, where even hygene is an issue concerned to her..

Well, no matter how much challenge and homesick she is, and no matter how occupied i am with work and chores, i am making my way to make her stay, and not to return home and give up on her internship, and making my mission accomplished, to make another person feel home even though they are thousands miles away from home..

Stay Put Mounia..