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Friday, November 18, 2011

Calling the Farewell with Breeze- Borneo's Premiere Lifestyle Magazine

Since the re launching of Breeze 2011- Borneo Premiers Lifestyle Magazine; I was given the privileged to contribute my journey of discovery in Borneo. From down below, to mountain high.. Further from adventurous journey to relaxation sun, sea and beach. I may not be a good writer, but putting an effort and pen down my experience and share widespread about Sabah, North Of Borneo perhaps is what i can do for my home land. Marking this farewell, i want to extend my bundle of gratitude to 
Mr. Dinoza ( The creative Director of Breeze) and 
Mdm Noor Ali ( My precious editor, that must have been cracking her head for trying to empathy my article) 

Here are some of my favorite write up in Breeze Mag. This magazine features the happenings in Sabah, personality of young successful Sabahan, local travel destination, events, movies, whats Hot ! and even gossips if you happen to read them. 

July Issue on Animal- Birding With TG Osman in Borneo Rainforest

october issue on Art in Borneo - Borneo Art Tattoo

And the latest issue on "Voluntourism" in Borneo

Breeze is available for free reading at all lifestyle coffeeshop such as Starbucks, Coffeebean, The Core Fitness Centre, or  you can even buy them at RM2.00 at any book store in town.

Kudos to Breeze for the revamp, making it a social networking magazine among locals and reaching out to Brunei and Sarawak , you guys work hard and stretch a lot to the neighboring land.

Ciao Breeze.. keep up the good spirit !