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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pawsitive Starts

3 mosqueteers, Vicky, Pacco and Chow Chow ... has went through a tough time with me to complete the export permit in Kuala Lumpur. I thought i was the only one who loves pug to extereme, i was even more engross and surprise with other pug owners love to their pet.. PUGS.. :)

Today i want to pdate on Pacco, the macho Pug whom is the Brother of Baby ( my Pug) , they are surprisingly from the same father and only i batch later. which is the Inherit of Glodstar Beauty - by Take Bozo. ( thailan Champion). Pacco is smart, handsome and macho.. almost similar charater with Baby, but more independent and of course, still as cute as the sister!

He couldnt really remember me when i kept calling him Paco~ he was just busy sniffing around after such a long time he needs to gallop as much as he can.. so before he went bongkus with Vicky, i caught him for a good bath.. he is big bastard .... that is heavy and enjoy bathing so much!

An off he went playing with Vicky....

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Life~ take it or leave it

Finally i have a chance to sit down and spend some time in front of my computer... It has been a hectic week... shopping for goods, bring new members to the vet dapartment for export permit, and taking care of Paco and Vicky... my two new family Pug members.

Sometimes, the motivation in life is driven by our love ones ( be it family, partner, or even friends) , however...when energy runs down and depression raise... there are times we just need to break down and cry, and relieave... close up ourselve in a black gloomy room, and think what we gonna do next...

I have enough of dogs for the week, and i need some communication ... i mean realy human communication...

Gosh... please talk to me :(