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Thursday, November 25, 2010

My heart is ready for THE LOST WORLD- My Paraphernalia.

Hi all, i have decided to blog one more round before i get into my Local Nature Course. This is because i am not sure if i will have internet access or even sufficient time to blog in the camp.

Despite busy schedule, i have done some research on some do and donts in trespassing this Lost World, Maliau Basin. Well, believe it or not, just bare in mind, this is not a man made jungle, its a concession zone that was once a thick jungle.

"Have a nick name to yourself" - Hi, my name is ....
"Never pick up any colourful, interesting stones or objects"
"Never answer or shout back when someone is calling you; dont ask me why.."
"Leave some food on your plates for OFFERING after your meal"

well, this are some major and common norms that we have to follow, they might be more we are yet to know, i will update you when i am back, but upon all... bring your almighty with you ...:)

Here are my packings... no make up, no stilts, lots of SPF, Insect repellent and PACAT (leech) repellent ! ( can you imagine i actually found it ), but if you couldnt find, using salt, tobacco in tea tree oil or pee will work too ! Here are my BARANG-BARANG ( Paraphernalia )

I have my Backpack, Sleeping bag, headlight with ( extra batteries),Poncho (raincoat), insect repellent,diarrhea pill, charcoal pill, Panadol, ORS, and traditional Tobacco cigis ( Sirkup). Oh yeah, my little Pugs pouch to put my blackberry so i can update you on FB. Just hope that it doesn't drop into the mud .. and wallah, i am done...

My Poncho is pretty cool, it has 3 in 1 functionality. which i think i will only use 1 of it.. Check the description out :-

It says here : 3 in 1 raincoat, size 140 x 230 cm, Suitable for : hiking, camp or even floor mat.

And i found Leech repellent too !
It says here Proven Effective Against Leeches .. so i dont know how much i can trust it.. but at least i don't have to go too far to search for it... it is available at Damai Sunshine Pharmacy for around RM28.00 ...

And of course, testing testing my headlight... remember extra battery for that..

Anything else i forget on Jungle gadget?Please advice....

Good night.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Another leap for Kota Kinabalu Toursim Industry

I am sure everyone knows about the launching of KKIA as first Eastern Hub for MAS Airline. With the arrival of their new aircraft 737-800, an extravaganza launching was done, accompanied by local cultural dancers, tourism board officers,and grace by our Chief Minister,Tourism Minister Datuk Masidi , approximate 160 more passengers together with the chairman of MAS Tan Sri Munir Majid arrived in style and glamor.

This flight will basically fly direct from all eastern region country direct to KKIA mainly through and flo from Haneda, Tokyo, Osaka, Kaosiong ( Taiwan), Taipei (Taiwan) and Perth (Australia) . Wow, that means we will see more Loud Speaking Taiwanese, Big straw hat Um
brellas Japanese and Of course.. More Korean Supermarket will be open he
re soon :)

I have to mention here that one of my long time friend got her free seat to this launching, so before she depart i reminded her to take as many detail picture as possible.

Some pictures for your viewing, but perhaps there are more from the newspaper, facebook and even relevant websites.

So fellow tour guides, travel agencies, restaurant and bars... all tourism spot venue providers, get ready for the next challange, lets make it an economy boost for Sabah, and not being the 2nd poorest state of Malaysia anymore..

Till then.... enjoy you Hari Raya and Holiday.. its really a Bonus to have holiday in the mids of the week.. and tomorrow everyone is already in party mood.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My heart is ready for THE LOST WORLD

My dreams, are like tree branches... my to do list.. are not enough to be marked on my ten fingers. Nonetheless, i am materializing them one by one.. Just being an ordinary nature of a Sabahan, i love to spread the beauty of where i came from.. This time... in line with Ministry of Tourism's effort in assisting locals to achieve their tour guide license; finally my duty is on call... attending Local Nature Guide Course - under the Zone of Tawau ( South-West North Borneo), territory include Lahad Datu (lembah Danum (DVCA), Tabin, Sahabat ),Kalabakan
( Maliau Basin, Lembah Imbak ), Mt Andrasi and Semporna Irian Park.

In this tour guide course, we are not only learning the beauty of nature, but also deep down to History,Culture,Geography,Natural heritage, soil, herbs and plants as well as leading industry in that particular zone of Sabah. For the matter of fact, in this article, i want to emphasize a very interesting Destination- MALIAU BASIN- THE LOST WORLD.

Malius Basin (approx 39,000 hectar ), was originally part of 1 million hectar of timber concession belonging to Yayasan Sabah. In 1981, Yayasan Sabah has voluntarily designed Maliau Basin as one of the conservation Area mainly for research and education, training as well as forestry development. Actually "BASIN" in local language means a wide deep pail which accommodates water, so i suppose this is the reason why this waterfall is given such name as it is the mainstream for 7 other tier-falls to the heart of Maliau Basin.

Now, since i am yet to discover this place myself, i am not legitimate to express in detail on the journey experience about this place. However, picture speaks a thousands words, so here is the spectacular Maliau Basin Waterfall curtusy by one of the Sabahan Blogger, Jeffrey.

The spectacular view of Maliau Basin

Crystallize water molecule of negative ionizer

The pitcher Plant, a carnivorious plant growing at their wilderness.
Only at Maliau Basin.

I am engross with the wild nature, and yet i am nervous to step into the swamp that causes blood sucking leeches. I am nervous about the legendary story, myths but i am curious and excited as well.. I may be the oldest student mingling around with the local nature guide to be.

This is the phase 1 of my story.Perhaps there will be phase II and III. Or aint no updates anymore :). I am not sure if i have any networking or communication mode. We were told to bring many important necessity. I hope i can update you more... till then ...