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Monday, June 23, 2008

Baby! you drive me nuts!

Pug can sleep average 14 hours a day... ( and they snore louder then a man)

Its about my friend's little pug "Baby" again... , I have been baby sitting Baby for the past one week. Some how or rather, this little monster has really tested my patient..we have a total love hate relationship... but yet, through the process of tolerating her as a "puppy", i try my level best to blen into her world.

Baby and me is very much in love, she is very attach to me, she always has her eyes on me wherever i go in the house, she likes to feel me, by having at least a touch of my skin on her.. when i cook, she sleep on my feet; when i walk, she followed behind; when i m blogging, she sleeps in between my tigh.. and when i sleep in my room, she sleeps outside my door... its like, we can never be separated..

I m in the process of Potty training her...every morning i wake up at 5am just to acompany her to loo, then 7 30 am wake up again for her poo.. Baby is my first dog training process, i m so engross in her process of development, however, day by day she dissapointed me... every morning i wake up with a new hope that she can break the record for automatically poo & loo herself at the potty spot. I m still trying, and still monitoring her, i know this is hard as i m pretty occupied with my work in factory... now i know, its not easy to be a mom.. this is just a puppy, what more a human...

Baby has been the greatest joy for me now, she is always welcoming me with her cute little curly whipping tail, and always look at me as if she understand how i feel inside me. I know she is just a puppy, and i know she is taking a lot of my time.. but she is wonderful.. she gave me the sence of belonging and she gave me the sence of love and need to each other..

She loves going out with me, and laying on my pillow.

Baby is more then a puppy to me, she has the closest sence of humanity. She tries very hard to indentify my feeling sometimes, anger, happy, praise, cry and even potty time. She seldom bark, but she uses a crying tone to communicate her needs and wants.. which i think is the best tectic to win anyones heart..

Now, her fown fur is getting smoother... she walks like a celebrity anywhere she goes and most of all, before her Papa comes back, i want her to learn the manner of potty right place. I feel the sence of achievement...i realize, everything needs effort and time.. and most of all, LOVE... that drives all impossible to reality.

Baby~ lets make this happended with me.. you are more then a puppy!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Lower Back

I stopped yoga lately just because of the lower back pain that has been long for a month. It started last month due to arrival equipment to our factory. I was too excited on the arrival of the equipment and was trying to help out to arrange for the opening of the wood pallet. Argghh! this sprain just came without me realizing and this back injuries has drag me for a month or so...

Well, i know this is no joke as i feel the pain after a long hour sitting in front of my laptop, or walking with my heels and even sometimes bending down to pick up things. it pains at the certain angle and even more painful when the weather is cold or rainy days. It doesnt sound like arthritis is it??
No way, i need to get this treated as i m still young for so many activities ( you bet! ) so i went to a Thai massage to see if it does cure, however, they were just temporary relief for me :(... I know the worst thing i should do is to get my spinal scanned however, i m still putting hope on certain therapy methodology that can cure my lower back pain.

Hence, i bought a sitting spring, which actually support my back bone while sitting in fron of the laptop. Stop wearing all my high heels, and start shopping for flat, ballet shoes that walk me around for 3 -4 hours, and sleep with a hard pillow support at my back. ( i have been doing this for a week coming to 2) and i can feel it slowly heals back.

So i started back my yoga today and i found a few clips at you tube that could really help our lower back pain exercise. Cat cow, open peagoen post are all the good post for lower back and hip. Check this video clip out for a short posture guide.

I will try this posture every alternate day.. i hope it can heal my back pain. This feeling is not good and i lose my confidence at times. :(

Reminder and precaution in protecting your back !

- When lifting heavy items, bend your knees, not your back. Do not lunge OR jerk when lifting a load.

- Stretch and move every now and again when sitting for extended periods of time. Use a small pillow for back support.

- Sleep on your side with your legs drawn up slightly toward your chest. Do not sleep on your stomach.

-Weight Control at all time !