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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Life of a Borneo Pug

For sometimes, i dont really update about BABY-The Pug, not because i was busy but because after a year of moving in out of Borneo, i am taking my time re adjust myself to the lifestyle here.. life is so much different when you have to be attached to ur family and relative.. I am a lone ranger.. i have been a lone ranger for almost 6 years... and i m kinda use to it.

However, for Baby The pug, life in Borneo is such a heavan for her... she is very much welcome here due to her rare species.. PUG breed and she get to enjoy a broaden and spacious greenery here.
1st season- to spayed or not to spayed

Baby started her first menses when she came out from her quarantine, blood started to drop all over the house, the cushion and even the Sofa! It wasnt only for a week, but it was more... because according to reference, dogs bleed for at least 3 week .. bit by bit..since i am staying in a confined apartment i need her to be cleaned... So, no choice and no mess- to spayed. She was sent to Sabah Animal Medical Centre ( SAMC) near Foh Sang,happyly she went in, and poor Baby came out in very drowsy mode.. She had 6th stiches at her lower bowel.. and she was conned around her neck.. this is because she needs to be avoid from licking her own wound and caused infection.

6 stiches underneath her, i can imagine she must be in pain.

She was also given this cone to avoid her from keep licking her wound.. or she will get infection.

"for me she looks like a torch light"

She vomitted several times due to the injection from Dr. and she tried so hard to eat but just couldnt have the appetite... this situation take her only 1 night... the next day, she is as hyper again. with her cut and wound, you just wouldnt believe that, animal has their own special cure and antibodi.

2nd Season-The Beach Outing

This is unbelievable, after less then a week of operation, i was told that if she could get some sea water, it would be good for her wound. So, i brought her to the beach for a stroll, and she end up swimming in the sea. I couldnt describe much about her joy for running towards the wave.. she chase after them and they chase after her in return, it just keep going and repeating untill she drank so much of sea water...

Sun bathing after a swim...

" Wow ! i can never enjoy this is kuala Lumpur"Puggy friends, things are so different although my bf Paco left me !

Today, she even met some new friends from Garage sales! Indy and Didith... too bad no picture was taken.. oh yeah.. and Zegnia... I think she is getting in love with her new life now...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I Have a Dream

I am a person who day dream alot... In KL, i always dream about myself selling things in weekend flee market, sometimes i dream about myself standing behind a beer bar serving preparing cocktail, sometimes i even dream about myself standing in a field trainning a bunch of dogs... my dream always came along with my daily living...

Ever since back here in KK, my daily living turns mallow and i have very dull daily, i started dreaming again~~~

i dream i run a small Italian Deli.....that serve very nice salami, pork cut, various type of cheese, bread, and wine... like this in the picture.Everyday, customers around the neighbourhood come

to buy their favorite salami and cheese, take away for their daily meal. Besides take away, they can also dine in, for a simple lunch or dinner that goes very well with wine of the day. Oh yeah~ may be i will also have some side dish like sun dried tomato, smoked green, red and yellow paper, even smashed brinjal... olives, garlic in balsamic venegar... and even anchovies serve in olive oil .. to go with their bread. All these food will be serve in a basket of bread.. which is the staple food for all italians.

My Italian Deli would be surrounded by friends and family ... a place for everyone to hangout and chill...
I know its just a dream.... A dream that always be underneath my pillow....