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Saturday, October 18, 2008

The East Meet West

Simple yet meaningful culture exchange of thai and italian..
From Left : Alessandro, Pattama,Petchalda.
Venue : Seri Maya
Event : East Meet West Forum
Chef : Melissa Lim
Menu : Vegetarian Noodle, Pizza Romania, Wine of the Day

Friday, October 17, 2008

She Is Rabbies Free!

With all my heart, i wrote an appeal letter to the Jabatan Perkhidmatan Haiwan (Sabah) on the reliease of Baby The Pug from being full quarantined ( 30 days) ... and at last ... her early discharge is approved!

Can you imagine, after 2 days trauma, a 3 weeks confined, how does she react after release from a cage? She run around like a mad dog, as usual releasing her waste like a stray dog, and most of all... she starts to chew everything!!! and Yes, according to my advisors in she will forget her potty trained, but after a few weeks of patience training, she will be back to her discipline self...

I know this is disgusting but she really look so funny when she poo poo...

Quarantine Officer Henry, took her out from the cage and she struggled thinking that" whats Next! after this!"

She enjoys the Sofa So much, and chewing her favorite rubber shoe for hours!

She is as cheerful as a hyper clown, and she is so amaze with the new place and environment.Adenaline rush on her, funny expression and curiosity on her face makes her a real COOL dog as told to me. Nothing much i can tell but pictures speaks a thousand words.

Some people say Dogs are men's best friends, like wise to woman as well! Baby is still under home quarantine control, and if you happen to see a pug in Gaya Street, she might be BABY-The Pug....

BABY! You did it and i am so proud of u :)

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Baby On Board-Part II

After a night trauma and waiting, 6 30 am, Baby was sent to MH 2604 for her departure, i was watching her form the terminal. A Renault Kangoo with a paw sign shows MAS ANIMAL KARGO sent her with a little siren on top.. I know its BABY.. and i know i will not miss her in KK... She was carried to the Kargo compartment, and i m sure she is wondering where is she heading to. She never bark, she never hawl, she just kept very quiet waiting to see the master's arrival.
10.05am, MH2604 arrival at KK Terminal 1, obviously you can see a cage cargo carrier, picking up Baby( no such thing as Pet Animal Carrier Car). She was sent to Custom, much delclaration to be done, Vet department declaration, import license declaration, custom declaration, then quarantine department report. We went and check on her, she has no poo, just a slight pee, she has no food, she doesnt even eat at all... she just feel sad and shiver, and she barked so much once she sees us... she wagged her tail and just shout " Where have you been!!!!???"

Without fail and escape, Baby has to come here" Stesen Kuarantine Kinarut" which all imported animals must stay for at least 21 days. You can request for home quarantine, with the condition of writing letters to the Director of Animal Department.

She was so sad, her ears flop drop and her eyes turn upward down, the happiness and activeness in her totally gone.. and she doesnt even care other dogs were barking welcoming her arrival.. she just doesnt care at all.. she felt so sad, why .... does she has to go through this..

Baby, no matter what you have to be strong and go through this, just make friends with your companion here, never forget my Sit, Stay and Down command... Where is the Ball and Heel!!! The rest, we will start from zero again... dont worry, you will be fine..
I ve been visiting her at least 1 hour almost everyday.... Prisc, if you want to visit her, let me know K :) She will love you.

Baby On Board-Part I

So, its time... Its time for her to depart Kuala Lumpur, the concrete grass and four walls, highrise, minimal galloping space and leaving her hometown depart to Borneo, the real nature for her. However, Baby-The pug had to went through so much of procedure and anxiety, as she is curious what is going on, but she awares that something is going on.... Every occasion, she has a different feeling, she doesnt feel comfortable, she doesnt feel safe... however, she just have to bare with it.. the separation anxiety.
Baby's expression when she was put on body check board. This is to enable her to obtain her export license as a healthy dog and free Rabies before entering KK custom.

8 pm, she started to know, she is gonna be sent away, she pee on my floor mattress and started to mis behave, however, she is still adorable, playing in and out with the pet cargo carrier.. thinking its a little home sweet home. Kate, whom is her foster mummy saying good bye to her.

11pm, she was sent to Pet Animal Hotel at Sepang, while obtaining custom declaration and also Mas Kargo documentation done, she was cage inside a deporting room, with nothing in it but another dog cage beside her... she started to show her sepration anxiety, she bite and put her crawl and start hawling for sadness.. Andrew saying good bye to her.

Posted by PicasaBaby, Biting the cage trying to get out from Pet Cargo Carrier she must be asking
" Why did you put me here? Why are you leaving me? What am i going to do in this small cage, and i want to pee pee how??"
Baby was left overnight in Pet Animal Hotel.. which doesnt cost her anything cause for Pet Cargo in Mas you need at least 6 hours before check in for departure, her flight the next morning 7 30 am. together with me on board.