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Saturday, February 28, 2009

BANG! She is Died!

Lately, Baby The Pug has been busy practising her Play Died Drama.

First ...

On Guard: Ready For the Command

Ears tug and eyes Alert

Second: Ready For Down Post, at side plank

Command : BANG!

She slide herself down one side ready for play dead..

Then, she stretch her body straight, four legs on surrender mode....

While doing this , her eyes eyeing on you to see if you are preparing her treats somewhere behind your fist.

Third move: Stay calm, flatten side plank on floor, waiting for treats... head on floor but eyes alert and nose started to sniff silently.
Command : STAY

Finally , Show the treats on your hand, give her a loud applause and say UP!..
Then tap on her... because of food, she is most welcome to do anything for you....
BABY wants to extend her gratitude on her success of this PLAY DEAD TRICK to :
Dr. Wee Kiong ( uncle whom has been motivating her)
Juliana & Priscilla Che che ( training her on hands on practical almost everyday)
" You Really Love Me"
Examiner : Melissa Mummy

Monday, February 23, 2009

My updates on CITIBANK Crisis

Dear All, Please check this website out :-

Sunday, February 22, 2009

My View Of Financial Crisis -Global Market 2009

Bernard Madoff- Biggest Fraud in History

Anytime in this period, as we turn on BBC, CNN or even Blomberg, there is no surprise that, bankruptcy of Bank, individual or even house auction, financial con case in front of our screen. Subsequncy with the crisis and pulling out of major investors, Major con case like Bernard Mardoff has revealed day by day...The daily issue of market changing forum is more focusing on how to deal with the continuing crisis, rather then whats next to merge ahead.

The crisis win has yet to blow in asian countries, further more like us in Sabah. I would say we are still very much in honey moon stage, as the financial crisis somewhat is very much hit on the European, America as well as England. However, untouched territory like ours is in doubtful situation, no one know what is going to happen next, i met a fairly experience financial advisors lately, and asked about is his expectation for 2009... the only answer he can gave me is " It all depends" In conclusion, 2009 will be a pianful year, global recession, financial stresses, losses and of course eventually bankruptcy.

Upon my study and research, there is only light at the end of tunnel when:-

1) US: wether the stimulus packages works on the Government economy, injecting liquidity and stop the vicious cycle by boosting the economy.

2) EUROZONE : The economy crisis leaves the Eurozone shaken, with the single currency system, with the single currency system,Eurozone members trying to pull themselves out of the recession,most affected countries like, Greece, Italy,Belgium, Ireland, Portugal and Spain.

3) UK : The ability of UK to recover from the current depressed state.

4)Asia: We have yet to feel the real depressed state, however, since we are very much depending on the export economy, if the demand from europe is slumping, then this model will flop eventually. I.E : China's growth has cut to below 8% after 5 years of average gain of 16.5%; as usual Japan will deteriorate further from their current depression.

Stocks market, bonds, commodity are now at very stagnant level.. Eventually, the rich will become richer and the poor will become poorer.. further with the collapse of all currencies, inflation will happen and all goods prices go fly high...

For now, we should look into spending good money either for holiday, food or medical... Nothing is safe even in bank.. ( Even CITIBANK is at danger stage now), invest only when you are very sure. "

In the old days,man who saved money was a miser;nowadays he is a wonders....

Saturday, February 21, 2009

My side of Story About Bali- Indonesia.

Bali-Perhaps a common holiday or honeymoon destination for anyone around but this island has rather changed my life.. and relatively meant a lot to me.

Bali has made me fumble and fell in love again.This guy ... i ve met 2 years back, was my friend, my business partner, workmate and now i would say, the one i ador... Have it mentioned and you'll be surprise.. Yes.. he is Emi.. the one you know from KK, Sabah. ( i m sorry but i cant help to express this to share my joy with you with my simplest,direct sentence i can think of)

Before my journey, I pray to god to indicate me a direction or at least a hint on my decision to move on with this guy. And... without due deligence, he is a total sweetheart despite being a father of 3,a boss for 64 employees and once a responsible husband before.

In Bali, we stayed with a lovely old couple Richard & Vaile,whom are the second parents for him in Nusa Dua,Karang Putih. With much surprise, i was told we are going to spend a week with them and i was shock, feeling sligt inferior and nervous.. with butterfly in my stomach.I have to admit, he has been a naturally caring, gentleman and plan ahead .. Although i was having difficulty in catching up with the Australian slang of Richard and Vaile's conversation, i was actually impressed by his way of presenting me to them. Nonetheless, anyone would appreciate it for more.

Now here is our 4 days travelling scehdule, it was a tiry one but a total eye opener for me. The hinduism citizens of Bali are generally artisitic, friendly and well verse in english..

Day 1 : Riding on our Yamaha Neo Scooter and headed Downtown.. Uluwatu for the surfers zone,Denpasar and Jembarom for Seafood Bakar. Rush Back at 4pm, and prepare for dinner with Richard, Vaile and some guests.

Day 2 : 3 hours drive to Negara, North west of Bali- to view the man made Statue custom ordered by him.. and yes.. it was absolutely tiry ...

Day 3 : Another tiry day.. 2 hours drive to Kintamani ( the active volcano),Ubud ( the little craving town and sand stone craving),on the way back, we manage to stop by the monkey garden...

Day 4 : Statue hunting for mama.. manage to get a 1/4 m tall God of Mercy for mama, gorgeous and very well defined.

Finally, preparing to return to Sabah, via Jakarta.. and thats where i felt totally uneasy and started to get annoyed with the tears that kept droping from my eyes... its Conjunctivitist!

I know, feeling and falling in love is way too easy then building and maintaining a love. Mom is going to be very dissapointed as i chose a man whom is not her league. Dad will be happy as ever that finally her little girl is in love again. However, it is too hard to make everyone happy.. i always think that everyone deserve a second chance to be their best and fall in love again.

" People are often unreasonable,illogical and self-centered;forgive them anyway.If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives; be kind anyway.

If you are succesful, you will win some false friends and some enemies;suceed anyway.

If you are honest and frank,people may cheat you;be honest and frank anyway.

What you spend years building, someone could destroy overnight;build anyway.

If you find serenity and happiness, they may be jealous;be happy anyway.

The good you do today,people will often forget tomorrow;Do good anyway.

Give the world the best you have, and it may never be enough;give the world the best you've

got anyway."Kent .M

The final analysis, is still between us and God... only when we are tested that we discover who we can be. The other side of the world still exist... with hardwork, faith and belief, and beyond heartache and fear of what lies ahead...
with that, i wish everyone had a sweet valentine day, be it with you family, friends and even love ones...

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Marriage- A turning point in Life

Despite busy celebrating Chinese New Year, there were double happines happening in my family. The new born Baby Zander, little nephew of mine, and newly wedded couple, Aaron and Bernedette. Both from my Papa side cousins and Yes... there are purely Kadazan - kakadazans.

Baby Zander Avantang was born smilling on the 30 December 2008 and we had a full moon for this handsome baby on the 29 Jan 2009... his mommy Charmaine, was healthyly strong and i got Zander a Cloth Diaper from for his full moon present.

For the first time, i am able to attend a typical culturistic kadazan tradition wedding,fully procedured and protocol..:) ( left out the ISO 1900 standard procedure only) .. The wedding took 3 days to complete, from SOGIT, church Wedding Mass to MAGAGUNG in POGUN... i remember my last cousin wedding, all of us ( the lim clan cousins) were running around like chicken to meant the fault and chores to make our cousin's wedding ( Wawa) a succesful one, however, in this Wedding ( Aaron & Benerdette) i have to put my hand together , give a loud applause to my che che ( Cindy M) on her well monitoring in organizing this mega event.

The most fascinating day of the whole chain of wedding ceremony was on the MAGAGUNG ceremony. I dont quite understand what actually the ritual and practise was about however i am pretty fascinated by the procedure of these newly wedded couple went through.

First both have to step on this stone, which was located at the main entrance of their house.

Secondly, a cross over of "Kadazan Hat" for both the newly wed, i really have no idea the meaning of this exercise however, i saw Moing ( nenek) was murmuring for the Gods blessing for this married couple. Once the couple stepped in,there were few protocol to be done, perhaps this is to more like the "tea ceremony" from the chinese culture, its is more like receiving blessing from the elderly ones.

So instead of serving tea, they served Tapai/Lihing, They served and drink , sip by sip, and bit by bit, and eventually..... they danced.... to represent the symbol of celebration for the newly wedded couple. So, celebration go on and on, with the company of rythmic gong and food... Tapai was served around...

Marriage, the pinnacle everyone's life, gives a sense of belonging and security to an individual... Deep down my heart, i wish.. this newly wedded couple, longevity, and love forever....

Congrats Aaron & Bern