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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Welcoming The Arrival Of Pugsly!

I have been waiting anxiously to received the arrival of Pugsly from Yogyakarta yesterday. He is a male pug litter that is only 3 months old. He is just another cartoon pug, like my BABY-The Pug.

Pugsly arrived in my arm shivering to be let go from me. He is very much in Puppy toddler stage and he himself is excited to reached the new home! Pugsly is healthyly arrived and beeing introduced by me to both the monsters.. they are just curious and strange towards Pugsly as both these two dogs of mine( Spot & Baby ) has never been big sisters before.

I Unload Pugsly on the floor slowly~ and both the monster jack up their sniffing gadget....

Pugsly was so nervous that all his paws, hair and even ears shows the sign of fear...

Spot :" Hey Baby, this little one really looks like you man~"

Baby :" You mean i really look that ugly?"

Spot: " Yeah man, you just check his nose, his wrinkle and his eyes out.. like a monster!" but your tongue still longer though, and you have a diamond shape on your head."

Baby:" Oh man, he is so ugly and cute"

Baby Constantly analyzing Pugsly. Perhaps she never has anyone smaller then her in the house, and most of all she gets all the attention all the time. There are 2 possibilties of Baby upcoming behavior, either her motherly instinct will reveal and she will take care of pugsly like a big sister, or she will just become a bully since she is just jealous of Pugsly.Since she is spayed, her hormone doesnt affect her behavior, so i am monitoring what will be her next behavior towards Pugsly.
Pugsly is warmly welcomed by the Puppy Central Family and he is going to received the LTC till the day he find a new owner.

Friday, June 12, 2009

New trick

This is a new trick baby learnt today. Kept a treat on her head till you approve . . She looks so funny

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

You Rock Baby !

Baby with her "Best Of Breed" Ribbon Certificate.

Some what funny and relief, despite waited for so long at the back stage, finally both me and baby has got a chance to come out for a stroll. Baby was totally new to Show competition, all her agility and obedient trail wasnt useful here.. however.. she has the least hair, and shortest of them all.....

Dog Show is like a beauty contest, every dog shows their best groomed scene. Due to lacking of experience, we came with "Nothing", not even comb, not even a single grooming utensils. So we just sit aside and watch others busy with their grooming.....

Judge ( Mr Thomas Lim) gave Baby a body check, and then request us to strolled a round at ring 2.... then he handed a ribbon to me and Baby and whisper "Congratulations", i didnt prepare for anything.. however i m happy for baby that she won "Best Of Breed" for the show...

With that ribbon, we walk off the Doggie walk way, in exhaustion, hungry and happy mode... Lets go baby.. i know you would rather be a happy, simple, kampung dog with Spot Spot..

As we were home, Spot welcome us with the waggiest tail. Baby was so happy to meet her best friend... and immediately they roll on each other to play tug of war...

Good Baby.... you Rock! ....

Is somebody Out There?

I ve been searching... searching for a reason to live, and searching for a strenght to give...

I ve been hunting.... hunting for the best of myself, and make my prey a worth hunting one..

I ve been crying... and crying for the good reason, crying for happyness,and sadness...

I ve been howling, i howl for loneliness ... and to see if somebody out there can re-call