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Monday, August 29, 2011

Meeting the Manzan family at Trivio, Italy.

With only 3 days here, I am already drained.. not because of the work but because of the over excitement, jet legged and of course, exhaustion of expression (during conversation) to my family here. My first two day was overwhelmed, with superb hospitality from this warmth family, and whole lots of plan (work, fiesta, scenery, historical, photos to take)

Marco & Sarah: A generation –y couple that perfectly represent the typical family of Italia. Owns 4 acre farms that consist of everything of a village have had. In Borneo, when we talk about farm, we are talking about specific poultry farm or plantation. At Manzen family, it is more than just agriculture; it is a typical Old Mc Donald farm that you could never imagine.
Besides taking care of the four children, running chores for the family. Both Marco and Sarah are also taking care of a Wendy (cow), 3 donkeys, 3 goats (Elvis, Diana, Haedi), one pig (Roxy), tortoise, turkeys, duck, goose, rabbit and even many poultry, birds, oh yeah further with a lovely terrier mix doggie, Gulio. (Even their dog has a sexy name J )

little nikola and rachale 
I have had a tiry day, I arrived with big smile, but smoky eyes… I was so tired, but I was so excited. And Sarah, Massimiliano, Nikola, and last but not least the two Bella that I could never resist their beauty and sweetness (Deborah & Rechale). .. 


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Strecthing out the Cross Culture exchange ( Sabah vs Italy)

It is finally working out.. my long planned mission... to travel and carry along my culture, and share with people on the other side of the world about my ethnicity, my land of Borneo as well as the simplicity of life i am in. Here i am... 48 hours time, it will be an experience of a life time.. good or bad... traumatize or enjoyable... i want to thank first of all the people who has connected me to this host family.. The Manzen.

Juliana Alut Lim - My sister whom has always encourages me to try and re try on any cultural exchange programme; and further recommended me various friends that has the same passion in life... ( Bringing the cultural over ; be it food, life, beer or even Socio Anthropology.

Chef Frederico - The x president of Chef Association Malaysia -  Thank you for arranging and making this a reality. I have so much to share, at the same time i am hunger to learn.. the orthodox way of  Eat, Pray, Love ( LOVE? ah no no not so much of that .. had a bad one before hahaha )

My mama, My beloved auntie, - Thank you... i know it may seems crazy, that i am so eager to leave this comfort zone after a tragic incident with the "BASTARDO" last year.. :) , "Mama, i am here for an enlightening transformation, i am here to do what i can for the people to endure, i am here to make you proud ( i hope ) and i am here to .... mmm maybe not now, one day to make you about my experience when i am back" .. thank Mama Mary and Aunt Angie .

My uncle"s" - Dr Weekiong, Uncle David, and of course my (blurred) Tun Mahathir (my dad)- you guys may be quiet for the MAN thing in you, but i love the way you behave ... mm " experience the CROSSS culture exchange!" hahaha .. guys are forever guys... dont you think so :)

My "geeky" super friend ( you now who you are ) - for being by my side when i am just so slow in social Media. And knowing the significant of this tool is to connect to the people i love. Thank you and i will keep that best part for you.

My collegues - willie Ki,Verus John, Jessica Peter and Nanie of Borneo Backpackers as well as Joe ( The Lundayeh Chap) , i still think you guys ROCK big time.. working through hell and heavan.. developing mental and physical muscle.. hmmm.. i have got whole lots to learn from you all. So i will definitely be back !



Thursday, August 11, 2011

Learning to be a Geek.

As much as i want to update my blog frequently, i am eager to transfer all my data into a more self owned domain. Thank to a friend ( you know who you are ) in helping me with this. After this, i just realize that i am not that "geek" after all...

Now, i have a new domain.; It will be under wordpress and i reckon that wordpress is not that user friendly as blogspot. You agree? But i m learning to get hold of it, before my trip to Italy, before my tonnes of ideas, exciting moment fade away just right behind my mind.

Dear friends and family...

As much as i want to share with you whats happening in Borneo, i also want to share with you my religious experience in my extreme part of life. The enlightening and opening chakra of Holy Spirit visited me. ahhh.. some of you may know.. its the "alpha course" that i have attended; and  the visitation of Tibetien Sammi to my village in Tuaran. I will update more once i m free hand. 

Till then... Love peace, love humankind.