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Saturday, August 30, 2008

51st years of independence

My thought :life begins at 50 hence this is the time to change. You will enjoy the glorious of being politically clean, clear and united multiracial "rakyat malaysia".revolution is coming to u. Good morning My beloved malaysia. Post at : 6 30am. Royal Domain condo, penthouse view.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Its friday baby!

I was getting ready to go for Merdeka Eve party and Baby the Pug look so sad. Saperation anxiety.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Return to the North Borneo

Shy to say... i am born bread from the west coast of Sabah ( North Of Borneo ) and yet, i did not take time to discover and appreciate how great the nature and wildlife of my own backyard is. well, even majority of sabahan doesnt exactly appreciate their gift of nature, knowing that tuorist came from the other side of the globe just to visit our "land below the wind"

This trip down to Sabah, beside having few important meetings, i have also took the challenge to join " Paddle or Die" motion act---The white water rafting ( Grade III & IV). Taking the challenge with me was Bil- my x-neighbour back in Bangsar Permai. This is a real adrenaline triggered ventures which Bil & i promised to each other that if i jump; he jump too, we made vows and promised, especially Bil, knowing he is going to get married next year, was worried like hell... (actually me too, may be i am getting old, activities like this sometimes freak me out..LOL)

Well, The journey will first take 1-½ hours overland to Beaufort town. From thereupon, we took a 45 min train rides tracks along the Padas River that gives glimpses of the thrills and excitement to come. all paraphenalia are left in the bus, we are left with nothing in hand, we ride through the oldest train in Borneo which passes through the once renowned headhunters' tribe (Murut).

Before the paddle, we were briefed by the Guide leader, who is a Bajau mix phillipine.His sense of humor and security gave everone a very clear picture on paddle safety, emergency self rescue, and the importance of guides command.

Now, after a half day tuor, we finally hook on the bumble bee boat, hang on to our paddle ( not me because i was sitting in the front row middle rank, which function as a safety belt and also sound provider (scream & shout ) .. hahaha )

These rapid carries amusing names such as Merry-Go-Round Rapid, Break Point Rapid, Scooby Doo Rapid, Cobra Rapid, Curve Rapid, Lambada Rapid and Head Hunter Rapid. Each rapid will give you the feel of the motion as what the name means. Splashhh~Splash~ Splash, we paddle, we fall and we drank so much of water...... however the teamwork, the scream of worries has turn out to be fun and joyess. .. In between time i still can chat with Bil, and ask his wish before he die, even the guide was COOL and CALM enough to share his experience with us.. haaa! its sooo sooo much fun and this really splash away my stress, sorrows and worries..

As usual, after paddling, the journey going back to KK was the most tiring and all of us slept like baby...During my journey back, i asked Bil, how does he feel..... he smile and answered :

" I will definitely come again for the next challenge!"

Friday, August 15, 2008

This lady Dancer I Met.....

I came across a forwarded mail on this spinning lady.. Can you see she is spinning clockwise or anti clockwise? Every movement of your brain, affects her spinning direction... i salute the person who create this animation.. its all about cognitive science test a the functionality of your left and right brain.

So here is the explaination :-
If you see her moving clockwise, then you’re using the creative side of your brain, that is the Right. Whereas, if you see her move anti-clockwise, then you’re using the logical part of your brain, that is the Left. Try look up again, see if she is still turning the same way...

I spent the whole nite figuring out how great this animation is....

May be you should use this to your kids, lets see which halve of their brain are more active.. are they more on creative or logic and anlytical person.

I think i am still more on a creative person... I m still not sure... but i think generally every one see it turning both side, as and whenever our brain is functioning according to situation around us...

Well, its time to sleep, so it should turn left i suppose...

Buona Notte!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

She is In love :)

Today is the 5th week of Baby's training, This little monster seems getting use to her training ground and started to familarize with her class mates and even Seniors...

So, before the class start, Baby been socializing around with other dogs and surprisingly she is behaving so good girl without even barking but just sniffing and wagging her tails to her friends.

"Hey, let me see if you are a hunk or a pretty"

So, Pacco ( another pug came along with his master and found out Baby has got a same face as him) so he started to check out Baby and started to sniff her all over... then, baby started to flirt with him and they chased after each other round the whole field... it was a laugh and funny scene to everyone.

"They were playing hunting game and ran throughout the whole field"

Can you see Pacco in this picture?? He is so macho and big :)

"Then.... they kissed~~~~"
I hope Baby can find her true love, she will learn along the journey .... she is just an adorable,cute, funny and sometimes "cunning" baby.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Malaysia -an upcoming Halal Hub for Muslim Countries

My blog has been quiet for quite a while... been b

usy searching for the right Halal certification channel in order to get things right from start...

However.... as we know, its not easy to a non-muslim to determine whats right or wrong especially in sensitive industry i.e: food and cosmetics.

In short, the latest update on Halal Certification Logo usage is authorize and appointed to a new Cooperation Named Halal Development Corperation (HDC), This corporation is wholly a separate entity with Jakim ( Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia ) ... however all authority and development, as well as enforcement has totally granted to HDC. further details, you can check on the website

For whatever reason i attended this course, it is definitely due to the market driven and the demand our muslim consumers. a 3 days course gave an understanding of what Syariah Law is all about, hence from my understanding, importing ingredient or any material from a muslim country doesnt mean that you are totally safe and approved by Malaysia Halal certification.

There are 4 School of Thought : Hanafi,Hanbali,Maliki and Shafie. So, in choosing your raw material, you have to understand the history of the country of Origin.However, i still really dont understand how to define something is HARAM or HALAL....

For example: TAPAI- is consider halal to JAKIM ( but it is intoxicating..! )

Ketam Batu (Ketam Paya) is haram (but a deep sea Crab is Halal)

Cuka ( Vinegar ) is Halal ( but the ingredient of Vinegar is made of fermentation alcohol)

Well, this is just a part of the module.. how bout GMP( genetically Modified Product ?) like Tomato or Corn breed which was injected on animal base by fastening , enhance their growth.

Scientifically proven : Emulsifier , Gelatin and even Additive majority are consist of non-halal animal base ingredient... so i think in order to venture into HALAL industry, it is definitely a challenge for us.

Among my collegues whom attended the course are from Unilever ( cosmetics and Food), Etikadiaries ( condensed milk), LSG ( formerly Airline Mas caterer) and TITON ( an MNC whon produce pp chemical for packaging industries)

I know this is somehow insignificant to non-muslim consumers, however looking at the percentage of Halal consumers in Malaysia and even expand to ASEAN countries, in is no doubt at least 60% market share has driven me to attend this course.

For those whom are not familiar with the Malaysia HALAL issue, above mention are the giz of HALAL requirement for food industry. It might bore you though, but i believe majority of the Muslims in malaysia are still unaware of Syariah Law policy and procedure MS1500:2004.