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Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Flying Lion- Furiously welcoming the Ox Year

The Lion Dance during Chinese New Year has its very meaningful history and legendary. Last nite, i had a chance to view a fantastic performance of 18 Lions parading in front of Capital Hotel, approaching the public, and patron at Little Italy. Yes.. it is once a year, grand opening of Bless for the restaurant i suppose.. Perhaps its the tradision for the restaurant.

During the ancient days,Lion dance was originally helps the protect the attack of monster which came from the sky once a year to kidnap the children and woman. When the powerful drum starts, all lions on stand by to prevent the in coming monster any time around the spring season every year. This legendary perhaps sounds like a Chinese MITOS however, it is always in every childs heart especially those from the chinese primary school.

These days, Lion dance means wooing the "Bad Qi" away and welcoming the joy of Spring New year. I am amaze by the 2 kids performaing 30ft above me, .... somewhat dissppointed though, this gracious performance in fact are not done by Chinese, they are the local boys that really has the gut, and brave heart.....

Sunday, January 25, 2009

大年初一 躬奉祖先

First day of cny is usually a family day. Visiting our ancestor or we called MOYANG and will declare as vegetarian day. Pic above is my old house in telipok mile 16, kpg Giling. This house is made of Nyatuh wood with berlian piller, it is almost 60 years old from now..

While waiting for the granchildren to finish praying for thier Gong ma.. Opps.. some one is surveying the house with her sence & sensibility... She enjoyed being muddy and dirty, sniffing around with her flat nozzle... and funny thing she scared Lupo away ( the big dog whom is the master in the doggie comunity here)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

A short Period With Little Italy Family

I always fond of running a deli/cafe.People always tell me food & Beverages is the toughest due to its long operating hour, man power requirement, trust and cost of raw meterial. Dreaming about it is always only a cloud, i always thought its good if i give myself a try to learn from ground. Hence, i called up Little Italy (The most croweded Italian Restuarant in Town) if i can work part time since its festive season.

Why i choose this restaurant, Little Italy ( Pasta & Pizza corner).

For Your information, this is the pioneer restaurant in town ( i mean Kota Kinabalu) that runs by an Italian Family. You can find the restaurant name in Lonely Planet as well. It is located at Ground Floor, Capital Hotel and serves the fastest Italian food in town. Perche?.. because they re the only restuarant the use the palm held order system ( like The Apartment, and Italianies remember folks?), Bagpackers, travellers around the world, locals, VIPs, VVIPs, always would love to come in their simple attire with family and has a great dinner gathering here. You can always see the restaurant owner have their meals here, they are down to earth, friendly and most of all, treat their staff like family.

My first day work

I was kinda stress out, blank, blur, nervous and even lost... I was the food runner, because its the fastest way to remember the menu. So my job is to ensure i deliver the right food to the right customers and mentioned the right name to them. Nothing comes easy, all base on experience, by the time u remember table number, you forgot the name of the lamb chop, of scalopine, or zuppa.. by the time u remember, the other table is already calling you to attend to them. Great, its a challenge... not big though...

Working on a Chirstmas Day

Working on the day you suppose to gather with your family is pretty petahtic. Especially when you see family members coming in big group to enjoy a joyous family gathering with good food , cheers and laughter.....i thought about my family too..and i started to learn "the art of family Gathering" hahaha~ so if you have problem with you parents, a great food dinner can solve the communication breakdown with them :) However, i notice all staffs here are like a big family too, they are tired, busy but happy.

Most unforgetable Customers Behavior

Well, every customers have their own way of treating a new staff like me, espeically to regular who feels that, they know it all in the menu. I met some nice and friendly customers, vice versa, i also met some snobbish patron that giving me and my collegue hard time. However, customers are always right, even they ordered the wrong food,we change for them, at our own cost... Usually, young guest ...are the snobbish one... can someone tell me y?:)

Most Enjoyable Job Scope

My most enjoyable job scope is when i get to stand behind the bar and do the washing. This is because i have an eagle eye view overall the restaurant. I can hear laughter, watch couple dating, and even chatters around me. Also i always keep on eyes on calling customers so we wont neglected their orders or attend to them immediately.

Most Funny Moment

Yes, i have this most funny moment, i met a friend of my uncle with his family, since i was with my bandanah, he couldnt recognize me, and i whisper to him... " hey you", he thought i was trying to court him and he wouldnt dare to turn over.... and then , right after his dinner with his family, i walk to his table and call his name again... he was SHOCK and hit my hand... and he laugh over my uniform, i feel good to make them happy.

Most Appreciative Moment

You know, the best thing about working here is that, once you made a blunder,the seniors will come and back you up.. this i have to admit, the seniors or pioneers or so call the managers a superb, they assist me , help me, guide me and even letting me relax so i dont look nervous in the restaurant... I would really appreciate them... especially the Botak... you know who ;)

Friday, January 02, 2009

GCC award from

Few weeks ago, i received a registered mail from Pos Malaysia... been wondering who on earth will send me registered mail at this period of time.. so i took the effort ... is really a damn effort, because POS MALAYSIA KK has the worst parking station, and the worst building mail retrieving system.. i really hope they can improve in this ..

So .. i got an envolope with a some hard and heavy staff... Once i open up... i was shock.. its not my mail.. Its my buddy Baby's mail... ( man~ nowadays dogs are like human.. the have their social recognition too! )

So, i rushed home and she run towards me... i proudly announce to her that.. BABY! You are good canin is your award! There she goes her pendant on her neck.. and as usual she thought it was food, it was her dog biscuit.. she kept biting it and annoyed by the pendant hanging on her neck... ( so beside the poo poo and pee pee, she is after all still a lovable buddy.. i m still giving her tight trainning on potty .. patience~

She doesnt even understand what is hanging on her neck, but what i found out is that, she really loves taking pictures.

and she doesnt like to wait.. she wants it immediate shot, or she will start dancing on you lap.

Or she will just show you her ugly face like this~ " whaaaaaaaaaat is thisssssss?~"

Actually, a good canin citizen (GCC) means a simple reward to your dog that have went through the puppy obedient trainning.. this is to assist your dog understand your way and means of communication with them, command, control and converse. Pratically its a basic, SIT, STAY, DOWN, RE CALL and also NO, COME and GO command.

I am still trainning her to get use to the environment in my house... i need her to be perfectly potty trained, this is due to the contraint that i dont have a garden in my apartment.. can anyone give a suggestion?

Bravo Baby! You re the an irresistable monster!