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Sunday, February 12, 2012

When the impossible mission turned reality.. Loro river cruise by BEST society

Sunday, February 05, 2012

A new Challenge with Borneo On Wings 2012 (BOW 2012)

Last year, i have the opportunity to discover various region of Sabah, from coastal to interior of Sabah, adventures to relaxation, livelihood to cultural living, also unforgettable spiritual encounter in the heart of Borneo. This year, i took the liberty to promote sustainable tourism through an exciting World Class Aviation Event, spearheaded by a team of extreme Borneo Explorer, who led Borneo On wings 2012.

WHAT IS Borneo On Wings 2012 

An unofficial logo of BOW 2012; yet to finalize

Borneo On Wings 2012 is a world class aviation sports event for  Light, Microlight,Ultralight  or experimental Aircraft held in Borneo particularly Sabah and Sarawak. This event is organized in collaboration with Tourism Malaysia, Sarawak Tourism Board and Sabah Tourism Board.It is Malaysia Sports Aviation Federation (MSAF) sanctioned 1st of its kind being held in Malaysia.

Being introduce by Capt.Tom ( a good friend of mine) on the spearheaded team of fabulous 3, Willy, Jeff and Lorraince, i was aspired by their eagerness and 1Malaysia team spirit ;making this event a success in the eyes of the world. 

So i asked, Why Borneo? 
Knowing Tom as senior captain for having more then 8000 hours under his wings in East Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak were already his second home. 

The various objectives aimed by BOW 2012 which particularly benefits the publicity of Sabah and Sarawak attract me the most. However for BOW, the aim to create a radically new Aviation Event for the World Aviation Calendar specifically for Light, microlight /ultralight  and experimental aircraft is the main target. This world class aviation event took place by promoting the magnificent topography, mystical flora and fauna of Sabah and Sarawak and subsequently promote the isle of Borneo as an Private aviation Tourism Destination. Taking this exciting event, it is hope that this event could create a platform on which  Light Sports Aircrafts, Experimental and Ultralight aviation can flourish and thus inculcate the interest to the young generation. 

The team and its great Patron 
From left Lorraince ( BOW Secretary), Willy Wong ( Event Director),Amrul Nizar ( Event Technical Director ),
Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad ( Patron of honor),Dato Seri Muhammad Leo Toyad Abdullah ( BOW Advisers) and third from left Jeff ( Event Commander) 

The exact event will be held from 1st until 9th of September 2012, comprising of various activities, from non-competitive aeronautical based event, participants flying in loose formation through out Sabah and Sarawak. Making pit stop at each designated area in urban, suburban, rural and interior part of Borneo. While on the ground, the participants will involves in CSR programme, mingling with the locals and encounter the untouched wilderness of Borneo Cultural Safari. 

Remember Power boat event F2 in Sabah during 2009? So instead on having it on the sea, this time we do it ON AIR ! An exciting first ever aerobatic event, lets bring it on :) 

Thank you BOW team for entrusting me as part of the team in Sabah region, Its time to flap the Borneo wings and spread the wonders of Sabah, land below the wind !