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Saturday, July 16, 2011

When the going gets tough; the tough gets going

The first ever Outward Bound I have joint, wasn't with a bunch of tough fellows , hunk or even super tough cookies ; but being a compulsory team building event by this unique organization i am in. I have no choice, nor anyway to escape this 2 days "mental & physical stimulus" challenge to conquer the fear in me. OBS Kinarut Papar,is an international eco- adventure park, and non-profit organization that does not only provide physical and mental challenge but also the human team spirit in an organization. 

The center is 25minutes drives from KKIA ( Kota Kinabalu International Airport), 30 minutes to the city of Kota Kinabalu, and  20 minutes to the largest army camp in the state.

Well, as usual pictures speaks a thousand words, photos below are expressions of  my colleagues being snapped by our  paparazzi in the house (Lawrie), Suzie, Roland and Joe ( They are unique Sabahan indigenous heritage buddies of mine with strong features and characters i will talk more about them one day if i have the chance) ... Suzie, one tough cookie- looking upon the challenges being assigned to them. Roland
( in black shirt) -deep thought on how to contribute his strength to the team, and Joe Bonaventure another Lundayeh boy from Tenom, which gives me a total different perspective of how a caliber nativity should be. :)   
Susi, Joe & Roland- accepting task assigned

Rijel & Willie@ Giant Ladder Challenge
Well, at this point of time. self courage and trust ... mind over matter; nor matter over mind.
This is as high as a 30 years old Acacia Tree- when you are up there
the green as far as the eye can see and a quiet that's pierce only by the whizzing of the wind, telling you
"You enjoyed that didn't you?" 

 Beside the giant ladder climb, that challenged the fear in us; we also had a day of arms out stretched raft.. the canoe and Bamboo rafting- This put the megawatt expression on
everyone :)


 This is the 2 hour canoe- and no joke i 've got hell of a muscle after the 2 hour intensive forward command by Suzie
There were Mr Crocs hiding while we were busy canoeing..  but he is tolerant enough to let us be.
"Kopeng" time.. where canoes are park side by side.. 

The  "Adrenaline Rush" - to die or to win faces :)

The "Crying Leader" - me being snapshot at my utmost shout ! 

The "Lost" expression .. ahh , i cant remember or he was just too exhausted ! 

Nevertheless, be in winning or losing " The satisfying Expression"  
keep us warm from the cooling rain water. 

 Just as i was saying- The Expression of LOVE

This camp- its not about winning or losing, fit or unfit ; but it is about the development of teamwork, 

the importance of our surrounding, and the significance of communication in our life. 

This 2 days 1 night camp- has enable many of us to conquer our fear, from the giant within. 


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Its Monday again...

Times is Jealous... 

Without me realizing it.. Its Monday again.. Flipping the calender without looking back..Its finally time to fly. Remember the upcoming event, if you ever have the time to cope, Borneo Eco Film Festival 28-30July,  Music Festival@ Tip of Borneo, 16-17 July ... so much to cope with. 

Talk to you tomorrow... 

Good day ahead. 

~Melis ~

Friday, July 01, 2011

KWICORP - Kinabatangan Wildlife Corridor Regeneneration Program

I still remember, last year December as i was sitting in the class of Sabah Tour Guide Green Badge Course in Tawau Hillspark,The title of my interpretation was exactly on "The largest endangered mammals of Sabah- The Borneo Pygmy Elephant" at lower Kinabatangan area, and i presented about KWICORP- regeneration of pathway to the wildlife after deforestation.

Today, as part of the team of BEST Society, i have the privilege to get myself involved with this project,
Organizing an educational environmental awareness program in conjunction with the "World Environmental Day" with the theme : Forest nature at your services. 

So, together with a few colleagues, we inherited the culture of Best Society- A tree planting activities that followed by a half day educational program with some fun and quizzes.This is a pretty simple awareness program i have run so far, nonetheless it is the most impact one i can see towards te little children of Sukau primary school.

The left over from SRL kitchen turned to useful nursery fertilizer
The short food waste composting demo, the "get down and dirty" tree planting activities, the "river cleaning" cruise along Kinabatangan River, and most of all the brain twisting quizzes that challenged the mindset of the children. I suppose education is the best way to safe the deforestation revolution.   
River Cleaning along the way to KWICORP site 
And of course the two SRL ambassador ushering us ( Brett from AUS & Donnie from South Africa )

Marvin- SRL staff (The Orang Sungai), trying to explain "This is not rubbish, this is our trap to catch fresh water lobster"