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Monday, July 14, 2008

I learnt Programming

13 July 08, today is second weekend and its another exciting day for Baby.. its her second session of trainning.Most of Baby classmate arrived today but 2 of them absent, may be due the master saturday nite fever the day before.

"Do you think Jessica Alba Train her Pug?"

Today learning module:

1) sit your dog in a correct way- always say"sit" and adjust your dog to sit correctly at you left.Always use a standard command to your dog "sit" for the position of sitting correctly on ur left.

2) "heel" means forward while tapping ur left tigh and proceed with left leg first while walking along with your dog. so, start with left leg and finish with left leg..

3) "About turn" is the turning position while walking with your dog. always start ur turning with left foot as ur dog is always alert and imitating ur direction with his closest source.. left foot.

4) caling your dog to "come", praise and reward. --this is easy to Baby, anyone who calls her she will wag her tail and forwad to you. However, this is another training module for today.

5) last but not least, the hardest one which is to command your dog "down".. most dog dont understand what their master want so what we have to do is to assist them by pishing their whole body down to the floor and then when they soften down, and on the floor, reward them.

Here are some pictures on Baby's senior, most of them are at agility and novice level.. Baby is newbies.. she will need to pratice harder to cope up with them.
Now i know, human body system can be programme according to our lifestyle, now even dog can be programmed... :)

A dog down position is veyr important as it is a way to calm your dog in order not to attack or disturb others.

Monday, July 07, 2008

BABY first day to school!

Fig 1: Training session of Novice
Fig 2: Mr Khoo ( Founder) briefing the Novice dogs.

Sunday morning, as usual she woke up early and waited for me outside my bedroom. with her folded face and long bootilicious body, she yawn and wack her tail once i open my door. Its Sunday! and its your first School day!

Baby will have her first " puppy Obedience training" today. I am more excited ever as finally i found a master to potty train her as well as the correct way to tame this little monster.

So, off we go to Ampang Jaya and once we reach the training ground... Oh dear, its a heavan for all dogs! its the place for them to hang out, make friends, socialize and even share food! i couldnt be more excited then ever.. even Baby, being an Apartment Dog, she is totally a" Jakun" and start barking to the BIG BROTHER but at the same time her butt still lying down on me, trying to tell the others that, " HEY! MY MAMA IS HERE, DONT U C"... all other dog are so tame, and obedience... they just look at BABY.... and turn over as .. BABY is totally not a threat to them at all.. HAHAHA

I couldnt take much pictures as they are too many dogs and i was just to engross with how obedient is the novice, and senior dogs are...

However, for the first day training, this is what i learn:-

1) the best time to train your puppy is when there are 3 months old, just right after they are away from their mummy.

2) Dog doesnt understand any language, beside their own name.. so dont waste time scoldng, yelling or screaming to your dog... sign language or gesture or signal is the best to communciate with ur dog. ( then add on with your intonnation of your voice)

3)Always use a choke chain so ur dog knows that u meant business with she/he, some dogs are too smart to handle and they turn cunning to trick you at times. ( like BABY)

4) Walk with your dog on your left always, side by side... not in front or behind... always walk side by side with your dog. ( especially during training )

5) always prepare treats in your pouch.. so you are ready for any accident ( poo) or treats for your dog.

After a 2 hours environment stroll, and 1 hour of real trainning, BABY totally exhausted , she slept the whole day till night, without even know we left her home alone for that night.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Good Bye my friend

Dear Akiko,

Perhaps this is just a mail to express my anxiousness on you leaving the country. The anxious is not meant for you, its the situation that driving you away from Malaysia and back to your hometown, Japan.

I remember the good old days with you, the KATAKANA & KATAKANJI tuition that i was so much into, the Yoga session with our "beloved" Samantha, and even the great night out Bulldog, Karaoke, and movie at my house "Damansara Perdana" , i even remember the BOn Odori in Shah Alam, all these... all these activities, has made colours rainbow in my life.

I know you have found "LOVE"... and i can see it in your eyes, the past few days coffee was strong enough to let me analyze you. You are half Malaysia.. you still need the wax and threading, you still need the malay "kah" and "bah" in the end of you toungue... You still a down to earth , sweet and strong woman inside you.

Kana is lucky to have you, i sincerely wish both of you will ring the wedding bell as soon as possible.. so i get to chance to visit you in Japan again.

Akiko, you and Elaine has been a wonderful sisters for me. Now we have reach the corss road for the better of our life. I wish you all the best, all the hapiness and most of all, good health at all time.

Sincerely Yours,