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Friday, July 30, 2010

Restructuring or so call "Revamp"?

Its been a while ... i never have the inspiration to blog whats in me..sometimes i do commercial blog but at times it leads to my personal senses and feelings... its good... its revealing but at times blogging stop because of emotional fluctuate.. not the "hot flush" in woman .. but its just cross road of life...

I'm back with a better version of myself and perspective of life, My new inspiration location is Bali. The religious town and humble community, the world class hotel with humble offering to god, the art, culture and nature offerings... this is the place of inspiration and wisdom.. thanks to my partner.. who has venture himself way before me here..

I enjoyed the luxuries of nature and networking here..Loving the stylish yet sporting ladies and man with regardless of age, love the sunbathe, loves the travel and most of all loves the handmade craft nature products that came the same root as my state, Sabah! Love the Prayers.. and love the wisdom and internal beauty of every Balinese that makes Bali a beautiful island ....

So, no no the big house.. yeah.. the small one on the left.. this picture i took about 1km away from my neighbourhood.. in between was a wet swamp.. that overflow by rain and cause flood all the time..