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Monday, September 20, 2010

When The Going Gets Tough; The Tough Gets Going..

Life can be tough, it can be easy; can be sad or fun, it’s like a roller coaster, vary in every chapter, it always about choices you have, the decision you have made and the life path you choose.

I chose to live life simple, omit the fame and famous, brand and figure and started running a day care centre that I have always dreamed of. As the ball started rolling, it has no turning back, launching of shops, human resources, outsourcing, training and development, public relations, in prompt tu service, accounting and even quality control. Everything about this centre is my priority. As time past, I have work through night and day and made it along the way, expanding my market share in this small town. Now is time for sustaining this enterprise, by generally committing and trying as best i can, to honor this success.

And now I am here, in this island of Spirit, giving up my creation and NO PROBLEM daily routine life; while blending into my new family and at times floating in the tranquility period; I have discovered that there is so much to learn in divining a culture. PASSION is the key word and determination on all obstacles comes along. I have learned that - The good life is not a problem free life, for the matter of fact, enthusiasm and drive can certainly compensate for experience, and the process of overcoming challenges and adversity often produces some of the most rewarding experience we ever had. I lost my day care centre but I have had a handful of experiences. My name may no longer be the Word of Mouth of the small town, my good business ethics stays.

So, never give up on what you are passionate about, always remember, passion comes with challenges, as the old man says

When the Going gets Tough; The Tough Gets going”….