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Sunday, April 01, 2012

Empowering the Indigineous Woman Through Wellness Program

The spirit of outreaching and making a difference to eliminating poverty does not only involve activist of NGO. Be it an individual, an organization, together we can always make a difference to change the world.

Borneo Fitness Academy (BFA), is a fitness academy founded by Yun Yuen, a born bred Sabahan lass whom has been abroad to venture into her wellness education 30 years back. Being back to her home land, she initiated Borneo Fitness Academy which mainly focus on the core value of fun fit exercise - to the woman of all ages,be it young and the young at heart.

PACOS TRUST (PACOS) is a community based voluntary organization registered under the Trustee Ordinance Chapter 148, Sabah, Malaysia to help raise the quality of life of indigenous communities. PACOS acts as an entrusted Non Profit Organization in reaching out to local indigenous of Sabah in various community development program,  in which financial contributions from members, individuals and international funding agencies helps to sustain most of PACOS activities. 

As the old saying, synergy is the best strategy and together we can make a difference, the objective of this event held is to outreach to the local indigenous women who has the equal rights in "SAFE, HEALTHY; EMPOWERED"  as any others in the world.

The event features various modern fitness movement which are a "hit" in town, namely HIP Zumba, Belly Jam, Batuka Latin, Hot Power Yoga, Afro dance which mainly coordinates upper and lower part of your body with lively Latino music and requires consistant stamina and waist, hip and shoulder strenght. This event gives participants a total body workout with special focus on your core area. 

Come! Join us in this joyous event, be Fun, Fit and Fabulous while never forget to do our part in giving the Indigeneous woman a better world of living.. Let them be Protected, respected and most of all Healthy and Empowered.. 

Event details : 
Date    : 28th April 2012,  Saturday 
Time    : 5pm-7pm 
Venue  : Aerobic Hall, Likas Sports Complex

See you there ! 




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