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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

What year is it now? Its the Mid of 2016 !

Oh dear,

It such a depression mode today, i couldn't explain how this holiday has remind me of my writing and blogging days.

Having my 18 months daughter and expecting my second in 2 more months, nothing else i can plan ahead but to be a good mom for two little chipmunks whose gonna cling on me for the next 18 years.

Only God could give me the strength to keep my sanity and keep myself motivated as a mother and an entrepreneur as Jack Mah - The owner of said..

At 20s - work for somebody, a boss that could lead you and be your mentor
At 30s- Work and strengthen you field as this is the time you should be able to start something you are good at

At late 30s- start you own and learn from your previous experience, never jump into other new field and this is when you can start develop your own empire

At 40s- never look back

At 50s- you should be able to relax and employ young people who could work for you because they are better and more productive then you are

At 60s- enjoy you veteran hood and be by the beach - Relax and chilled.

Just a little booster over the long holiday..

31st May 2016


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