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Monday, May 14, 2012

Give a little; Gain a lot

Hola amigo ! Sono manchi tutti ! 

Thank you " BFA Charity Dance Fiesta Participants!"
Photo taken by Melissa Alut Lim @ Likas Sports Complex, Aerobic Hall.  

With the constant change of my location and  task assigned in hand, sometimes i hope that  the "Whassapp" application in my BB allows blogging so i could constantly update the happenings, and keeping everybody in a loop of whats happening over here in Kota Kinabalu, Borneo. I need to learn this on the smartphone anyway.... ; /

"Together we can do great things!" was the tagline that attracts more then 100 participants who came and join "BFA Charity Dance Fiesta" please click HERE for event detail. For only  RM 20 ( Euro 5.00), each participant can dance their way out, with proper "sweatxercise" technique and refreshment upon leaving the fiesta. On top of the healthy sweat out, the priceless value of reaching out to the indigenous woman of Borneo was one of the most encouraging turn out to the participants. Through the open concept Dance Fiesta- BFA has successfully raised RM500 to PACOS Trust - the indigenous woman sector as a token of encouragement and empowering them for a better living. 

The 2 hours dance involve various rhythmic movement ranging from Afro, Hip Zumba,Belly jam, Bangla and modern dance as well as kids hip hop. Arghh... the great work out credits goes to my buddies Mellisa Robert, Nita Maria, Gergianne Lingam as well as Wester the Hip Hoper.These dance movement works on your hip muscle, your buttocks ( gluteus maximus), arms muscle and even belly ( tummy). 

Ouch , this picture was taken when she is at hype, our BFA Principal Yuen 

Me, taking sometimes for a little chat with Anne Lasimbang ( President of Pacos Trust ) 
Wester, leading his Kids HIP HOP team 

The hyper crowd which consist of kids, young and the young at heart. 

Georgianne, giving the crowd a thorough cool down

The Dancing troupe, danced their way out for the goodness of participants and the indigenous of Borneo

PACOS Trust President, Anne Lasimbang, receiving cheque amounting RM500 from Principal of BFA Yuen;
On behalf of the beneficiaries, she extend her heartfelt gratitude for the effort being done by the Sabahan Woman.

As little as we can do as an individual, never forget that "synergy is the best Strategy" and together we can do great things ! Thank you BFA for your great effort !