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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

The evolution of HIP HOP Culture in Borneo

Fitness, wellness and dancing has turned into a revolution in North Borneo, Sabah, hype dance such as Zumba, Hip Hop, Belly dance and even Latino ballroom dancing has turned into a heat in Kota Kinabalu. Yesterday, 5th June, being an enthusiast in dance choreographing, i have the opportunity to witness the "YES Hip Hop Kota Kinabalu's "Jesselton Street Jam" being sponsored by US embassy held in University Malaysia Sabah.

An explosive Hip Hop Culture have in common with a ragtime tune or rousing spiritual? Perhaps not much for a casual listener.Scholars of music who have put hip hop through academic wringer identify the same distinctive element of African music in the musical genres that Africans developed in the U.S and other countries where they first arrived as slaves. Hip Hop is the legitimate heir to a rich tradition of African American music- the latest continuum of music that mirrors the social condition in which it created.

Obviously, it is now no more just for the African American, Hip Hop also affluent sub urban kids who endure the movement of swing, robotic, acrobatic and pump up kicks. The involvement of YES Academy who transform the cafe boys / backstreet boys as well as the village boys  into a professional dancers creating local talent from wrack to glam.This culture also escaped local teenage from unhealthy culture such as gangsterism, violence an drug abuse. Dancing unite them and create a strong unity in their blood brother hood.

Hip Hop was once made visible the inner culture of America's greatest social problem, its legacy of slavery, has spread globally. The music is calling,Over the years, K pop, Hip Hop and modern dance has gradually change, but the message is the same; the drums are pounding, They are telling us something, that the Generation Z is rocking ....We, shall allow them to buck up, reveal their confidence and attitude or they will be washed out by the world of globalization !


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