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Sunday, September 08, 2013

Meeting the new family in Denmark- A new chapter begin

It was indeed a big step i have made to devote myself and dedicate almost all my attention ( for now) to this Danish viking i have met throughout my journey of self discovery. No doubt i am , and still a hipe and busy as ever Borneon girl ; but things must have happened for a reason and God must have planned this century ago.

Danish, generally are modest, punctual and above all, "equality" is an important aspects in their Danish way of life.Indeed, any deliberate attempt to distinguish oneself from the others may be viewed as disrespect or ironic autoconcept. "RESPECT" seems to be an unofficial code of Conduct in Scandinavia Way. 

My family in Denmark 
My family in Denmark consist of a big family of direct and extended family. Since separation or "divorce" is a common practice here. I am truly amaze that one can still be gentle, friendly and meeting each other as a family although they are officially divorce. I somehow encountered a culture shock, but after meeting a few couple in the same scenario, i guess this is just how "open heart" Scandinavians' are.

Hanne & Eva, the rock sisters- mother and aunt of Peter ( my husband) 
The younger generation at Copenhagen , from left, me and Peter, Camilla & Frederick ( with Alberte their daughter), Jacob & Katja ( with their kids Alfred and Viola )  
Meeting Peter's dad @ Tivoli Garden 

Hygge - Pronounce as "hyu-ge" (approximately sounds like that
This word generally represents the culture of Danish . It means relaxing with families or love ones.Often while enjoying good food and something to drink or creating a more cozy atmosphere by lighting up candles around house.The true moment of hygge can last till late midnight as drinking wine and beer is one of the tradition on a long summer evening.
With Henrik & Ejeerah - a great couple and  good old friend of Peter. 
At Ruby & Tem's house for big meal  .. notice the blue and white bottle of liquor in front of me( i remember knock out after a few shots of that )

Typical long pork sausage and grilled/steamed potato .. is a common dish for dinner or long lunch

Open Sandwich - 
Peter's mom ; Hanne is a very good cook. She used to work as a traditional Danish cook specialized in Open sandwich which is a traditional meal usually begins with marinated herring, smoked eel, crab on top of a rye bread( brown bread). The sandwich are richly garnished with onion rings, orange slices, meatballs (which Viola - my niece favorite snack), cucumber,tomato slices, parsley,remoulade and mustard. neverhteless, these meal is never complete without ice cold Danish liquor- Snaps or Akvavit. 

With all that food and drinks, cheers and joy..and lovely welcomed by the family my in law- i would say SKOL... a big cheers to them, and thank you for hosting me with genuine heart and open arms..

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